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Ferrari 458 Italia. My favourite car at the moment

Actually that appears to be a 360 Stradale.....


Sorry for the correction but as a semi-OCD car nut, I felt compelled to correct this error.

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It's that time of the year again. Figured I'd bring out the Xmas A-10A.

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Mine is an Ed Brown Kobra Carry. Ed Brown makes some of the finest 1911s out there. Before I got into audio stuff all of my money was going towards stuff like this (still does sometimes :) )

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My favorite band from the last 20-odd years is Radiohead....this avatar is from the "Paranoid Android" video.

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My avatar is an image of a paper-craft crane inside an inverse Japanese flag. It is an variation of the band Tokyo Incidents (東京事変, Tōkyō Jihen) logo, a Japanese (rock/jazz/shinjuku-kei) band started by Ringo Shiina. It's my favourite band at the moment :)


(for those curious, for a sample from her latest album

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Mine is a piece magnet floating atop a helium cooled piece of metal. Bit of science I found VERY cool!






the science basic (if anyone interested):

The helium turned the metal into superconductor, which deflect ALL magnetic force from the magnet, which in turn, make the magnet float.

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I love "New Blood" evil_smiley.gif

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showing support to my favorite New York Football Giant team.

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I was getting bored with Roky.   Skyrim + Pokemon + Steriods + Beer belly. 

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One of my favorite musicians. Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter.

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One of the musicians that I used to like the most, Ryu* who mainly composes musics for Konami games

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Ika Musume, on Rage mode...

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jerry!  need i explain furthur?  smile.gif

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Originally Posted by IndieScent View Post

Ika Musume, on Rage mode...

De geso


I enjoy that show.

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Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz


If I have to explain him, I must have missed you with my "InTheKnow-inator"

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