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The best for me out of this 3 IEM's?

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Hey guys,

Since my Brainwavz M4 was stolen from me a few days ago and that I've never got to try them, and have no doubts of me getting my money back. I'm here to ask what IEM would be like the E10 but in a clearer quality, and have more or same bass quantity. I'm still a noob in the audiophile world so, I don't really know how to explain as to what type of sound quality I like, but as an example in an equalizer I make it into a U or V shape type. And that I listen to a lot of rap, dubstep, some indie rock/ alternative rock, mash ups.


Right now, I'm looking at the Klipsch Image S4.



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TF10. Although it may not have the same bass quantity or amount, it is definitely much clearer and has a V or U shaped sound signature which you have expressed you like. Otherwise, the E10 is a very good iem for its price too!

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I'm pretty sure <$75 means LESS THAN $75...don't quote me on that though, I never was very good at geology.

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ARGH.............. Didn't read the title.

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Try Dunu Tridents if you can get them!

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Lol, yeah :) Less than $75 dollars only. Well like, I want something that's more of a slight upgrade to my E10's.

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Not really digging the flat cable, anything else? 



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For me it came down to the Brainwavz M2 or the Monster Turbine refurbs.


I went with the M2s because the warranty was 1 year vs the Turbines 30-90 day and read that some people have problems with the Turbine refurbs.


I just got them in the mail today and am pretty happy with them so far.  Look good, fit well and have a very fun sound on my 6th gen ipod nano.

Not sure if M2 would be worth it for you though since they appear to have similar sound to the E10s (just from what I've read)





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Sorry for hijacking the thread, but among E10, Dunu Trident, M1, E30 which one shall be the winner ?

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E30 i guess.i kinda disliked E10.For me it's E30>M1>Trident>E10.

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For me, I really love my E10. But, I'm looking for something that has more comfort, because using it for a long time would hurt my ears and it kinda makes my ears itchy. Would klipsch S4 be a slight upgrade? I tried the pro media one and it feels great.

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I myself really enjoy the E10 and today I just received the Brainwavz M2.  They are very similar in sound signature and I'd consider them the upgrade you're looking for from everything I've heard.  Mainly you are getting a clearer presentation and a little better definition, as well as better build quality.  Only downside is no chin slider but the cable is much better.  mp4nation.net currently has them on sale for $52.50

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I just returned my Brainwavz M4 since I don't really like them, after finally getting it back. But, I don't think I would get the MP4Nation sale going on right now though.. I'm considering it too, but, I'm leaning towards the klipsch S4 too.

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