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For Sale: AKG K701

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
AKG K701

Will Ship To: UK

For sale- lightly used set of AKG K701's.


They are in lovely unmarked condition, headphones have the AKG base unit/stand and once I find the box that will be included too!


It's somewhere in the house so I am 90% confident that I will find it.


Headphones will probably be listed on fleabay too, so may be removed from here at short notice.


Buyer to pay any paypal fees.


I will pay next day postage within the UK.


(the pads are not dirty, they look this way in the photos)

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I have found the original box and manual. 

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Are these still available?

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are they STILL available?

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Apologies to all, especially those that have sent me PM's, I have been otherwise engaged with real life events.


All previous messages or contact have been wiped:


These items are now FOR SALE Actively again.

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