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New speakers.. And a big question... A New CD player?

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Since I have my new Magico... I tend to think I want to change my cd player... Ergo.... What do you recomend for this system.

By the way... I have a wadia S7i.


Pictures here....






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What's wrong with your CD player?  If it sounds good, there's no need to buy another one.

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As my dac guy says (who also designs speakers) ... "The speakers don't make the sound."  )



X-Fi Show 2011


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I know they don't-.. But THEY SOUND DIFFERENT..


Actually I am an Electronic Engineer, and when it comes to my stereo I do act like a kind without knowledge...


It¬īs nothing wrong with my player... But I think another actor in this play will change a little my feeling.


Wadia S7i is amazing... but... I was just wondering..


In terms of speakers... this Magico are amazing... I use to have two speakers here... ATC and Diapason Astera... and boy... this magico are amazing..


If you know of a good player to try let me know..



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Originally Posted by pockits View Post

I know they don't-.. But THEY SOUND DIFFERENT..


I'm just pointing out the irony of the statement.  But he is right, my dac completely transformed my 50 year old Lafayettes. It was not subtle. I've been wanting to write a brief review for everyone here.


Obviously I would recommend his DAC 2 w USB. Sounds like it is coming along quite nicely. I believe I am still the only person in the states with a piece of his hardware.   wink.gif




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I see... Well indeed I dont know if a change will be a good idea.. What I do know is that I will try the new Soulution and System 9 from wadia and I will let you know the results.


Overall I LOVEEEEEEEE this speakers... or should I say ... the whole system...



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pockits - I am not trying to be a jerk here, but one thing you might want to consider, and it might be a better investment than a new CD player, is some room correction.  (I am assuming, of course, that the speakers have to stay in that corner and are less than a foot from the shelf on the right side, with that rack right between the two speakers and next to them.)  Those speakers deserve quite a bit more, and since the room is perhaps the most important factor in sound quality, that's where I would spend the money.  There are a few companies that make good room correction software and hardware -- check out the Lyngdorf RP-1, or even their preamp.

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Hey.. I know.. thanks for your advice but as I said before... the room is already corrected using very good RTA software and hardware.. You are correct because i do move the speakers away from the corner to the spot that is the correct one.


Lyngdorf is a very good brand.


Thanks again

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I would suggest auditioning the two top Simaudio players the 750D and the Moon Andromeda. The Andromeda has a separate chassis for the power supply, a more robust transport mechanism, and multiple PCM-1704 DACs, but some prefer the sound of the Sabre based 750D. Simaudio players are some of my absolute favorites, I think they can take on just about anything out there, regardless of price. Spectral's SDR-4000 is also awesome. I haven't heard Boulder's 1021, but based on their reputation I assume that it's top shelf.


That's a really nice system you've got there, by the way. I ultimately prefer Rockport to Magico, but still that's grade A stuff.



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I would keep your wadia unless you feel the need for SACD then for that system you may want to audition a Marantz 11S2 but I think for redbook you may be hard pressed to do better than your Wadia. That system you hav elooks fantastic,.

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Thanks guys...


I will keep my wadia for a while.. And I will start auditioning new players to hear the difference.



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Maybe have a listen to the new Accuphase DP-900/DC-901? I haven't been able to make any direct comparisons but they sounded very nice at the Tokyo International Audio fair a couple months back. The DC-901 uses Sabre32 chips and supports 24/192 USB input, a couple of firsts for Accuphase. They'd also look amazing with the rest of your system wink_face.gif

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I have a CD-77 from Abbingdon Music Research.  Very sexy top loader CD player, built like a brick outhouse, tube output stage with a USB input to act as a DAC from an PC/Mac source.  I had some work done on it and the shop gave me as a loaner the new digital front end with USB input and tubed output from Aesthetix, the Romulus CD player (the Aesthetix Pandora is the same model DAC and tube output stage  with out the transport).


The soundstage that the Romulus throws up extends so far beyond the width of my Maggies that it's outside the room. Image placement seems more tangible with players holding their positions and the instruments having depth on the stage as well as width. Sure I don't have measurements, but even though my regular CD player is excellent, the Romulus made me sit up and listen differently (and my girlfriend, and friends have all commented as well). Once I get the CD-77 back, I'm going to have a hard listen and maybe a harder decision.

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Red Book constraints are very tight, except for the reconstruction filter.  This means that if all else is done right (a big assumption, but plenty of manufacturers are there now, after 28 years) you are basically listening to the filter - it's the only variable, if all else is well engineered.  I have found the recent "apodising" filters to be truly excellent - from Meridian, Ayre, and dcs.  Get a home trial and check them out.

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Spend your money on acoustic room treatment.  And move your speakers out of the corner.

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