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Get a pair.


The FA-003 is a really good headphone for it's price tag. So something less expensive that is just as good is down right amazing. The FA-003 reminds me a lot of my mid-tier headphones. The range is excellent. The FA-003 definitely is unforgiving though, it has a small treble spike some where in the upper region that helps pick out details and give an energy to the headphone, but it's not enough to become sibilant. It really reminds me of the treble and mids of the Shure SRH940, but, with a much bigger lower end that can hit 30hz without a problem (though it rounds off fast after that, but hey, all headphones do). The FA-003 does not need an amplifier, but this headphone scales actually. This is something that I definitely had to change my mind on; as I didn't think it really needed an amp until I started to extensively test it's bass capability. Amplification changes this headphone's ability to have a controlled low end in the sub-bass area. So my sine wave tests of 100hz to 10hz sound pretty different when I put them on weaker amps and then stronger amps (in terms of it's power output for the resistance rating). The sub bass fills out and definitely gets tight and controlled with good amplification. The headphone does indeed remind me of my Sennheiser HD580's (HD600's) but with a small spike in treble. The sound stage of the FA-003 is actually great, the cups are deep, and separation and imaging is great. The isolation is excellent. I don't have it measured, but based on other headphones I've tested, I would say it's easily 18~20db isolation. The impact of the FA-003 is the big difference between it and an open-headphone. This is very pleasing to me. I like closed headphones because of the energy and impact they can have, that open headphones cannot generate. The FA-003's can reach deep into sub bass and give you a good punch, kind of like a Denon can, and this is something that you feel which really aids in bass reproduction enjoyment in my book. On a lesser amp, the FA-003 didn't have the sub bass drop at 0:55 that I wanted in some dub. I plug her into something with more juice, and boom, that drop hits with impact and pretty good authority for a neutral headphone. So amplification on the FA-003 scales the headphone. And this was at moderate volume, to ensure it's not just a volume kick. At low volumes even, you can hear a significant difference in sub bass reproduction and control. I didn't notice any of this sort of magic in the mids & treble change with amplification that I can truly pinpoint. But again, it's not sibilant, yet very detailed, all the mids & treble are right there on your plate, not being washed away or being hidden at all. Build quality is solid, it's not flimsy and floppy. The plastic feels good and hard. The padding is generous. Cabling is completely detachable and long.


Anyone who wants a good headphone for every application, from casual listening to content creation, should entertain the idea of the FA-003 (or a rebrand). It's price does not reflect it's ability at all. But all of Fischer Audio seems to be underpriced to me, or other brands are just over priced.


It doesn't quite best my D5000 for my attention in terms of bass, but that's because I'm a sub-bass whore, so the D5000 always gets me there. But if you want something neutral, inexpensive, comfortable, isolating, with detailed good accurate reproduction with a good sound stage, the FA-003 is a very strong contender. I'm pretty sure if more people had access to this headphone, you'd see a lot less recommendations for things like the SRH840, M50, DT770PRO, HFI580, etc, except for pure bassheads, and the like, as this is in the same price range and doesn't get a lot of thread-time. But it should. But it's definitely true, it takes a while to get a pair since retailers are limited and shipping takes a long time. But it's worth the wait.






(Note, the FA-003 has more impact and sub-bass presence than the supposedly bassy FA-011, which I also have, frankly, the FA-003 has a bigger sound stage and better bass than the FA-011)


Very best,

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As I read your post,all I can do is agree with you on every point you made...making me think the HM5's are closer to a rebrand than I originally thought. Amping my HM5's,to see how much bass they(and me) can stand,I found the same results as you did with your FA-003's.Nice tight bass,with a nice "kick" felt with a hard hit bass drum,and a satisfying "tingle"from softly hit symbols...I just love the detail all around that I heard! Even leaving it au natural,ampless, I love the details present in my flac based music collection. Like I've been saying all along,these are an amazing bargain,more so then the hard to get FA-003's....and thats saying alot indeed :) Thanks for chiming in here,it should help a few folks around these parts make a good choice :)

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I have just placed a preorder.

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Originally Posted by kingpage View Post

I have just placed a preorder.

Good for you,I really think you will like them happy_face1.gif

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Just a heads up,the $99.00 cyber monday sale is over....but the presale is on until the December 16th for $119.50...still a great deal on these great cans! I'm happy I could help anyone that needed it, just ask any questions if you still have them,and I'll be glad to help smile.gif

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No, it not over. The $99 deal is still good until 11pm Tuesday USA Western Standard Time Zone (+8). That's 9 hours from now.



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OK, I had to bite for the $100 deal. I've been looking for full-sized closed cans on and off for the last few months just to round out my 'type of headphone' collection, but I'm picky and not a collector for the sake of it so I didn't just buy and try for the sake of it. The Fischer's were one I'd considered but the slim availability and price put me off, I generally prefer open full-sized headphones too so I was in no hurry. I didn't find any closed full-sized that spiked my cheap value meter - I am kind of cheap but more over I look for value. "Price is what you pay, value is what you get." None of the full-sized clsoed contenders were quite tempting enough - I was either looking at $150+ for the common recommendations (SRH840, ATH-M50, umm others without going in to the $300+ range) but all of those had some 'ifs, ands or buts' in reviews or at much chepaer headphones. I hope these are as good as d2k says, and if they are Fischer 'clones' (as much as Raz &co deny it ;)) then I will be very pleased.


But here's where I need some input! Of course, having looked and read and waited for deals I finally *just* bit on some JVC HA-RX700's from buy.com, they had the best net pricing w/ shipping around, in fact those phones are out of stock at many places. They haven't even arrived yet haha. Then of course this deal pops up! SO - should I bother keeping the JVC's? They were only like $30, and while I suspect they are a good value, especially after mods, I do not like having stuff for the sake of it - it just makes clutter especially if I don't use it. Are the JVCs, modded or not, different enough in a good way to keep for a 'non-collector' like me, or not because they would serve the same purpose as these phones - full-sized, closed, not especially portable phones? Advice?

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If you like an extra pair of headphones, keep 'em.  If not, and selling them or returning them is an easy task (like getting $25 back), then I'd do that.

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Originally Posted by MadMan007 View Post

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get."


I was either looking at $150+ for the common recommendations (SRH840, ATH-M50, umm others without going in to the $300+ range) but all of those had some 'ifs, ands or buts' in reviews or at much chepaer headphones.


should I bother keeping the JVC's? They were only like $30, and while I suspect they are a good value, especially after mods, I do not like having stuff for the sake of it


Price is relative to what you're willing to pay. There are $300 headphones that do not really sound much better than $30 headphones if you have 100 people test each one, blindly, and rate it as a 1 or 10 in terms of quality or enjoyment. You will not get 100% correlation. You'll get some really weird results. Price does not dictate value at all. It's the opposite when it comes to audio. Finding the value products, which are high quality for the lowest price for the quality tier, is difficult to find. You have to really dig. And it's hard to find, because for every single useful tid bit of info on such a value inscribed product, there's 100 people saying to get the [insert their personal favorite, or flavor of the month] and on top of that, it's coming from people who don't have, nor have even listened to for more than 5 minutes from a real source other than some junk, listened to said product. If it's a common recommendation, it's either really good, or really bad. Keep that in mind.


I would not have ordered the JVC's to begin with. So take that as you will.


Very best,


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$100 bucks is an amazing deal if they are like the FA-003. Killer deal IMHO.

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The 5% code is active again (was deactivated during the Cyber Monday deal).

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I think I will seriously regret not getting a DAC along with the order like the E10. I think I might check with mp4nation if I still can, depending on how E10 stacks up against E7, E9 and E9 from Voldemort's measurements.


On the description page, the HM5 seems to use some 43mm CCAW (Copper-clad aluminium wire) drivers. I wonder if that's unique or not, and if the Fischers also used that as their driver material.


Anyone who has preordered these also will have access to a pair of FA-003s to compare them with?

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is the FA-003 a big step above the Panasonic RP-HTF600 ?

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right now i have dt770 pro 80 ohms, how would these stack up against them? really thinking about placing a pre-order for these.

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Im racking my brain with the lindy and now these, unless I can get some scientific data saying they are exactly the same as the fischers Fa-003, i think im just going to pay the extra 50 for peice of mind, i know not everyone will feel this way, but i had my mind made up on the fa-003 and even if there is just a slight difference it would still be worth it. 


Now if they are exactly the same i will be a bit disappointed but i have not seen any data prove so yet. 

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