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Clue me in (dog ate my earbuds)

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My sister visited and her new dog ate my apple earbuds. Ever since I got my ipod (as well as shortly before) a few years ago I've listened to a lot of music. My original earbuds had been terrible for a while (one side was nearly dead) and the cord was falling apart, and I researched a bit on getting new headphones. Then my brother got a new player and gave me his old apple earbuds. Well, those are now gone.


My budget is pretty low, 20-50ish. Most of what I listen to will be through my ipod (some, mostly tv though, through my laptop, and possibly some through a headphone amp for guitar as well as a real guitar amp, provided it works with the headphones). I've seen Koss Portapros and Sennheiser PX100s recommended quite a bit. I'm not a huge fan of a TON of leakage, as I may listen to music near others, but some isn't an issue. Those phones are apparently pretty bassy, which I'm not used to, and while not a turn on, it's not a huge turn off either. KSC75s are really cheap, and if I get one of the bigger headphones (coming up) I may get a pair of those later for portability's sake (easy christmas gift for someone). Superlux HD668B (is that model always called 'enhanced bass stereo' as I see it on one site, or is that just HD668->B<-?) and Samsung's SR-850 are the bigger headphones I'm looking at. Apparently they are similar, but could someone point out the differences as per my situation (primarily through an ipod). Different Ohms apparently, which will affect maximum volume? Is the difference significant? I do like that the one has a disconnectable cord and comes with two sizes, as it seems like that could help prevent ripping the cord out on accident, and only having a really long cord available could be a pain.


I haven't used anything but generic apple earbuds for 5-6 years or something, while I was in highschool, so I have no idea what to expect. Will there be a significant difference, or a minor one? How important a decision is it at this price range? Should I just pick one and go with it? My primary concern is quality sound (well, secondary...after budgetary concerns, heh).


Any help is really appreciated. I've been pouring through pages of comparisons and review sites for headphones and it gets pretty boring (and while it does narrow some things down, it only goes so far, a lot of it really means nothing to me).

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At that price range you're not going to lose a lot if you don't like them.  And yes the headphones you mentioned are going to be a big jump from the Apple buds.

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After reading some more stuff I'm a bit concerned about how some of them will sound through just an ipod. Which of the headphones I listed can be driven by a non amped ipod?  What is the best <$60 headphones that a naked ipod can drive?

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The cheapest thing I can think of is Grado SR60i. For their price, they sound great. And depending on where you get it from, a Fostex T50RP.

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The PX100 and KSC75 are great sounding phones for their price but leakage is high. I'd suggest a closed phone or IEM but I can't think of one that sounds good in your price range.

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