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First impressions - D-EJ925

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Hi everyone,

Just got my Sony D-EJ925 delivered by Purolator. After charging up the NH-14WM's, I tried out two prime-sounding CD's - Rush's "Hold Your Fire," and Enya's "Orinoco Flow." I attached the remote and MDR-E888 buds. Here are some initial impressions:

(1) The sound is quite good, but really no better than the sonic lushness from my MZ-R909 when using the bass/treble controls to tweak the sound. I had to use the "Bass 1" to get something close to the R909's sound.

(2) There is, substantially, more volume output than what I'm used to with MD, even though the headphone amp is still the same 5 mW. With the D-EJ925, I could actually feel good about using those rather inefficient isolator type earphones, such as the EX70. With the 888's, I really get a TON of gusto in volume!

(3) I can't see any CD text titles on the remote - maybe this info can only be read off newer discs?

(4) It certainly is very portable, and will fit most nicely in my jacket pocket. It unit has a solid feeling density to it, thanks to its durable shell. MUCH better feeling than a D-E621 I tried out a week ago, and superior sound.

(5) I see that this PCDP was made in Malaysia, which seems to be where Sony makes a good portion of their consumer electronics. Time will tell if this is a good or a bad thing. Both of my MD recorders are made in Japan, FWIW.

(6) I now have "back-up" accessories between my MZ-R909 and D-EJ925 - the remote is the RM-MC11EL, and both units use NH-14WM gumsticks. How about donating the huge supply of MDR-E805's that we all leave in the box to the needy?

I can now listen to any CD recording, I wish, as I have about 50 CD's recorded to MD, leaving several that haven't been put to MiniDisc. To be honest, I still think the R909 with the bass/treble controls seems to give me a sound that has more vibrance, but, if Sony had found a way to use the same EQ settings, I think the sound would be identical.

All in all, I will accept this new toy into my portable audio family. I haven't tried it out when walking, but, from experiences with the G-Protection on the R909, I won't have any worries about this.

Now, how about a set of EX70's!

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Hiya SuperBaldGuy

With regards to note 3 - CD-Text, you'll find (so far as i'm aware) that the only CDs that support CD-Text are those made by Sony-Columbia (I.E. Celine Dion)

Hope that helps you
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Why am I not surprised?

I've been giving the unit a good listening test, and it seems to sound better after a couple hours of playing.

The lack of titles is not the end of the world....
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I love both the build quality and the sound quality of these Sony top-end players. The only thing that sucks on them is the supplied headphones. I have the 915 myself and rate it highly.
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I think Sony encourage us to buy better headphones, and politely list the likes of the EX70 and others in their "accessories" section of the instructions. Fortunately, most of us enthusiasts have at least one decent pair of phones.

The volume output on the 925 is such that I might get an EX70, or, even a closed set of cans, like the new high-end Eggo's I saw on MiniDisco.com. For now, the 888's are sooooo sweet....
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CD-text discs are still pretty rare. Out of the approximately 700 CD's in my collection I think 4 or 5 have CD-text on them. I am trying to fill my 300 disc Pioneer changer with CDR copies of my discs though, and burn CD-text onto the disc when I make copies.

I've got the Sony 915 as well. Quite a nice little player. Durable too, it survived a four foot fall onto concrete with just a small dent on the side of the top cover. Incredible battery life, just wish it had a battery pack that attached firmly like my Panasonics instead of hanging loose. I didn't see very many improvements over my 915 to justify getting a 925, but I am patiently waiting on a D-EJ1000 to be sent over from Japan.

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Just curious ... have you tried the line out?

I thought the phones out was pretty terrible.
Line out is pretty good.
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No line out attempt, yet

Do all of Sony's PCDP's use the same EQ on their headphone amps? As I said, I have to use the Bass 1 setting, but I'd rather not have to use, any. Too bad there weren't those nice 8-step bass/treble controls that I'm very fond of on my MZ-R909.
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Both the headphone out and the line out are excellent on the 915. I regularly use the optical out to make MD copies of some of my CD's.

I'm using a combination of headphones with my 915 including:
Etymotic ER4P (4S with Airhead amp)

Sony 888's

Occasionally the EX-70's (mostly for late night listening).

When using the Ety's or the 888's the headphone out is fine - could do with being just alittle but louder but no problems - bass remains tight throughout the volume range and the treble is very clear, detailed and non-fatiguing.

I also have a Panasonic 570 CD player and personally I feel that the Sony is the better unit all round.

Most of the time now I use the Iriver2 CD/MP3 player but I still prefer the 915 from a sound quality point of view.
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The day after the first impressions.....

Everything seems to be just wonderful with my new 925. I took it for a walk, this morning, and the G-Protection worked as anticipated - perfectly! I have this on two portable audio devices, and, it's certainly one feature that works as advertised.

It took me a bit of listening to get used to the slightly different EQ settings as compared to my "old" MZ-R70; I never used any MegaBass with either MD recorder, but I really need the Bass 1 setting on the 925 to make the sound come out OK. When I recorded all my MD's, I used a slight bass boost on my mini system, which is why I never need it with my R909 and R70.

Too bad Sony couldn't have incorporated those 8-step bass/treble controls, as is the case with their high-end MD recorders and players, but it's hard to make such a control fit into such a skinny CD shell.....

I see a couple minor scratches, already, on the top cover. Anyone recommend a decent case or a "dust cover." I really don't want one of those neoprene bags, as I store the remote (and the 888's) in a Sony MD case. (I can utilize the same remote on the 925, R909, and R70 - woo!woo!)

Now, if I can be convinced that the EX70's sound good enough for my tastes, I might get a pair of those...
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Don't get the EX70's if you already have the 888's - the definitely don't sound as good no matter what mods you apply. The only time I really like my EX-70's is for late night quiet listening (usually classical) in bed.
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Haha! We Americans (on the D-EJ925) get those crappy MDR-24 supraural headphones (the D-EJ955 that will be introduced in the U.S. in a couple of months will have the better-but-still-mediocre MDR-26 supraural headphones), while the rest of the world gets those uncomfortable crappo MDR-E805 earbuds!!
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