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In answer to your final question, I think the significance varies per person. I get the same chills as you, even though some of the surprise is gone since I've been using my Q701's for almost a year. I just know I LIKE what I hear, though I upgraded from an E5 to a tube amp before I was satisfied. I didn't even bother buying a separate DAC; I just use my 5th Gen iPod Video with a FiiO L11 for a clean line-out. I will say I wanted the tube amp just because I thought it would sound different (and maybe make soundstage better and highs smoother), but it's not just different... I like it better, overall, than my E12. More chills, less fatigue.
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I've had my Q701's for nearly one week. I have been running it from the headphone socket of my ipod 24/7 and yesterday my schiit magni came and the difference is astounding. I let them run overnight and this morning the top end is a bit calmer but not much. I cant wait for the next few weeks to see what they can do (staring to go through my WHOLE music collection)


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Can anyone tell me how well these fare with video game music? Say, old school RPGs, mainly.


like Scars of Time?

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When you said "old school RPGs," I immediately thought of Zelda, Golden Axe, Chrono Trigger, and Phantasy Star. To which the answer would be "Overkill, my friend," but I haven't heard of Scars of Time. But basically, I feel they're GREAT for gaming and movies, so no problem as long as the audio is good.

Edit: oh, Scars of Time is from the sequel to Crono Trigger, LOL!
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There is no such thing as overkill for old school video game music :P Also, Scars of Time is from Chrono Cross? Unless you meant Chrono trigger.

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Yeah, I clicked on your link, saw the YouTube vid, realized I'd mixed up the games and edited my reply aaaaand... Forgot to hit the "post" button. For four hours.
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I'm thinking about picking one of these up in the next day or two. I feel a little weird for saying this but I like the lime green ones.

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Originally Posted by Olympus Mons View Post

I'm thinking about picking one of these up in the next day or two. I feel a little weird for saying this but I like the lime green ones.




IMO the green Q701 is one of the best looking headphones out there.

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absolutely love my q701, the sound is close to perfection in my ears and especially when I threw in an xonar in my pc and dad made me a diy amp wich is a copy of lehmann black cube smily_headphones1.gif just felt I had to share a pic of my setup
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love the green star! I had my "amp maker" use a green LED too!!

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Ye since the amp have to match the q701 I fitted a green light and also ontop the quincy jones logo and AKG is drilled :)

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What genres do you guys think the Q701s handle the best?

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I enjoy pretty much everything with them when I'm in the mood for their sound. I think my modded T50rp is becoming my more prefered headphone. I'll never sell the Q701 though, ever.

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What genres do you guys think the Q701s handle the best?

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Because of the massive soundstage everything sounds good. But anything that has lots of stuff going on is great. I'm currently listening to Try on P1nk's new album.




EDIT: Actually grab this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13969936/Stephen%20Swartz%20-%20Survivor%20(Feat%20Chloe%20Angelides).wav

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Oh cool, I've never heard of Stephen Swartz. I like this music... (Wait, this has dubstep? oh boy, if the headphones handle that well I may die of happiness)

Okay, one last question that no one will have an answer to and I probably can't even put into words.

I have something called hyperacusis that makes some frequency ranges louder then they should be to my ear, making certain sounds (especially listening to people talk in real life) really painful.

This isn't normally a problem with headphones because who knows. Maybe that region on headphones is weaker then a normal humans voice. How strong is the section where the human voice lies, specifically the closer to root section between say 500 and 1000 hz? Will I have to EQ this down?


Hmm, so it handles EDM well, then. How does it handle something more orchestral like this?



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