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Here is my setup that I have collected over the last few months: Heavily modified Bravo amp, NFB-12 recently acquired, Matrix M-stage V2 and the Audioengine D1. For the Q701 the Matrix and Bravo definitelly provided enough juice between those two it's really hard for me to say which one is better since the bravo was $40 before mods and around $90 afterwards the bravo proly be the budget choice for these cans. The DACs on both NFB and D1 are pretty good but for the sound quality and clarity I would lean more towards the D1. It gives the Q's a bit more detail but not by much. Functionaltiy wise the NFB is way more convenient with all the switches in the front and three inputs. If you guys have any questions on any of these jus PM me. I am still in the process of reviewing the differences between each one of these components. k701smile.gif



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Oh and just want to put this out. I got my Q701's...at the best headphone deal yet of my life. Barely used at $78. It only came with the headphones, 1/4 inch adapter and the green cable but...really.... It's asthetically sound and..........you know the rest.



Anymore at that price? I would buy several @ $78

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The store that had them was discontinueing them. They has a firesale after none would sell. $99 new for each Q701. The last o e sold 10mins before i walked in. I asked to try the floor model.... And it was sound. No problems asthetically or anywhere, and pads barely used. I asked for the floor model and got it for $78

Bravo?? I need comparissons between crowd favorites the O2 and E9 though
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Yeah no joke Bravo with quality tube and bunch of capacitors added on, mosfets replaced and redirected circuitry can drive a lot of power hungry cans.

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I have checked it out...it'ls looking good. Now I need HEad-Fi approval on it or others along with some modifications for driving power :)

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What's the default tube on the Bravo? 12AU7?


If that's the case, then just change the tube for a 12AX7. It has theoretically five times more amplification than the AU. Should be enough to drive the Q701. Not sure about sound quality though.


Btw thanks for that picture of the many units together. It's nice to compare the sizes of them. I have the NFB-12, so I can use it as a reference for the size of the others... I thought they were bigger! The M-stage isn't as big as I thought. And wow, the D1 is tiny! 

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I myself have the NFB5 which outputs the same power as the NFB12 (different internals though), and it sure does make the Q701 sing.
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I myself have the NFB5 which outputs the same power as the NFB12 (different internals though), and it sure does make the Q701 sing.

Have you tried the NFB-10?  I was just about to buy the NFB-5 or the NFB-12 for my Q701 when the NFB-10SE was released, so I took the plunge for balanced operation.  The amp is a great match I think, and for a sweet price.  I used the single-ended headphone output for the few months it took me to get off my duff and rewire my Q701 and let me tell you, Q701 on a balanced circuit was quite the eye-opener for me. 


I'm not well versed in different topologies, so I couldn't tell you whether balanced is the way to go or if the only determining factor was the higher output voltage, but to me it was like the exact same headphone, but the brain is on drugs.  The instrument separation and microdetail were easier to discern.  The soundstage seemed to stay the same, while I shrank into it, if that makes sense.  Bass amplitude increased by a few crucial dB (empirically), so I think anyone who found it just a hair shy like I did would have a slightly better experience (though not compared to my bassier headphones).  And compared to my previous headphone amp, the Presonus Firebox, I found that from either of the NFB-10SE headphone outs the highs were much less strident when playing some of the more taxing source material I listen to.  I do think burn-in of the headphones helped too, but I do still think the NFB-10SE wrangled the top end with less fatiguing effect.


I'm actually surprised there isn't much widespread fervor for the Audio-gd products as there is for the M-stage with regards to the Q701.  I know that when I was researching amps for the Q701 almost a year ago, the recommendations of each weren't as --- I don't know, weighted? -- as they are now.  Lots of recommendations for the M-stage now.  The NFB-12 is I think the same price, and AFAIK the connection options are more varied, which suits me personally.   Also puts out a crap ton of power, which I had intended for a big ortho but is pushing my more modest headphones with lovely results.

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I was gonna get the NFB10, but I prefer the practicality of single ended amps, which is why I settled on the NFB5.
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Just thought of a silly way to help burn in these cans... I'm just gonna hook them up to my television set and watch the NHL games tonight by placing the Q701s on the table in front of me with the volume turned up. tongue.gif

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Hi, new around here. Bought myself my first decent headphones and amp yesterday and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Q701's and Burson HA-160DS. For the price the phones are remarkable, I chose them over others in much higher price ranges. I'd only step up from these to say an LCD-2 or HD800.



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I found this interesting for obvious reasons biggrin.gif

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I love this show, how have I never seen this one?

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I saw that video twice before I saw it again just now. First time was a few years ago..didn't know anything and didn't think much. Second time was a quarter of a year ago, I was an audiophile now and what not and saw it and was amazed. Now I see it for the third time.....finally owning a Q701 and say to myself...that's probably how my baby was made :) The K702 has many things that looks like the 701's so I just implied they had very similar design mechanism.s

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Tried the Q701 today with just a Sansa Clip to Fiio E11. Sounds pretty good. Not thin or harsh and didn't lack any of it's warmth. Now, I didn't analyze it for very long, but seems perfectly acceptable for when around the house, or on the train or your Segway.

I still think the Airhead is way better for the HD-600 and Q701, but it's $100 and not good for very low impedance headphones, like IEMs. Does a fine job of driving the HD-600 and HD-650!


Of course as a main amp for the K702, the E9 is way better than any of the Fiio portable amps. Buying the E11 for a Q701 over the E9 is a complete fail IMO biggrin.gif


Can't say it enough, but i'm tired of people spreading this idea that the E9 has such a high output impedance that it would hurt the Q701's signature. It doesn't at all..Just have to use the large jack.


BTW I tried the Sansa Fuze via LOD cable to E11 for the Q701 and didn't like it. Seems a bit harsh and fatiguing. Didn't try it for long, so I need to try it again. Maybe the Q701 likes the extra power from the amp of the Clip (since it doesn't have a line out).





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