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Originally Posted by Sonichedgehog360 View Post

I did the bass mod on my Q701 actually and though it helped to some degree, it somewhat ruined its dynamics in the midrange and it only made the upper treble roll-off all the more noticeable.

Again, note that the comparison was between a 250 ohm Pro (not Premium; in ZombieX's excellent comparison, the 250 ohm Pro is noted as the warmest of the DT 990 line and now I can clearly see why) and my current 600 ohm Premium and, to be honest, it was going off my memory. But I feel very safe in saying for myself that the Premium 600 ohm's midrange, bass and treble are faster, less grainy and more coherent than the 250 ohm Pro. In the world of Sennheiser, it would be almost like going from a HD555 to a HD600, where you get better extension, less grain and more naturalness in the long run. I personally believe it is a misnomer on Beyerdynamic's part for having made the Pro and Premium models share the same model number. I still cannot believe how good the midrange is and I was always craving for more clarity and fluency in the midrange on my 250 ohm Pros and I always was slighty annoyed by the treble, too. Not any more by a long shot!
Interesting. The biggest problem I've read with the 990 is harsh trebles. If the 600ohm fixes that, might have to give them a try.
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Originally Posted by ZenocideZ View Post

Receiving both Q701 and NAD D3020 this weekend or early next week! Looking forward to pair them both!

I look forward to your impressions!  The Q701 pairs very well with my old NAD 3130 (despite the high headphone-out impedance).  I realize that the D3020 is a class D amplifier, and I hope that it will work out with the Q701.  By the way, will you also use speakers with the D3020?  I have a pair of Magneplanar MMGs.

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I haven't listened to this album much because I always thought it sounded like crap on my other headphones but wow with the Q701.


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