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V-Moda M-80 if you have the money.


ATH-SJ5 if you're on a budget.

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Under $100, Sj-55 are good all rounders, px200-II are also good all rounders as well, but darker and smoother... those 2 are better than some previously mentioned ones like the k81dj/ws55 which are better for electronic/basshead people...


And if you're considering shelling out more money for the look of the tma-1, get the hd25-1-II instead..

Originally Posted by icedcoffee10702 View Post

I've been trying to decide for day's what to get for Christmas and i finally decided I think a good pair of headphones would be a good investment. I've seen lots of beats solo hd's around school but I think they are just to flashy and wouldn't look good give 2 years time. I hear that they don't sound that good too. Now I'm no audiofile I just want to listen to good sounding music coming out of my phone and laptop (mp3s mostly). I don't want big bulky headphones either that would look really weird walking around school with on (I like the size of the beats). I have been looking at the AIAIAI's TMA-1 which I hear are really good but a tad expensive but would be willing to pay. Are there any other good alternatives? 

I mostly listen to pop i guess with rap,rock and country thrown in sometimes. thanks

P.S I would really like them to be about the size of the Beats


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I suggest the ATH-SJ55. They have amazing bass punch for the price ($89) and would be a great set of portable cans.

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Accutone Pisces band, they look like beats solo
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Originally Posted by paulywalnutz View Post

Hd 598 best headphones that look good rated # 18 out of all headphones and they are cheaper then beats i have them as my avatar

Implying ath-m50 is the best headphone out of all headphones..


I laughed so hard at your post.

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Noontec Zoro ($99)
Similar look as the Beats Solo HD but have better sound quality at half the price.
Full Review of them can be found at this link:
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Noontec Zoro had a good review too from Cnet's Steve Guttenburg. He said that "it maybe the clearest and most accurate on-ear headphone you can buy for the money".


Here is the link  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57476696-47/noontec-zoro-a-new-high-for-$100-headphones/

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Try sony pulse elites really similar to beats and good sound
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 The new Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear would be your next purchase if you like Beats, their Bass is just fantastic and the build quality is top notch

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Well I'd say having heard a lot of portable closed headphones, that my favorites for on the go with my Ipod were the Sony MDR-1R which was exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable for pop and hip hop. Other than that I really like the V Moda M80 and think they are a excellent all rounder for the price, and you can make your own faceplace design or simply go understated. Both are easy to carry around. Best to read proper reviews on the models mentioned here.


The Ultimate Ears 6000 is also a great headphone with some nicely impactful bass for pop and genres in that vein.

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