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Looking for alternatives to Beats Solo HD's

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I've been trying to decide for day's what to get for Christmas and i finally decided I think a good pair of headphones would be a good investment. I've seen lots of beats solo hd's around school but I think they are just to flashy and wouldn't look good give 2 years time. I hear that they don't sound that good too. Now I'm no audiofile I just want to listen to good sounding music coming out of my phone and laptop (mp3s mostly). I don't want big bulky headphones either that would look really weird walking around school with on (I like the size of the beats). I have been looking at the AIAIAI's TMA-1 which I hear are really good but a tad expensive but would be willing to pay. Are there any other good alternatives? 

I mostly listen to pop i guess with rap,rock and country thrown in sometimes. thanks

P.S I would really like them to be about the size of the Beats

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Ive heard the sony mdr xb300's are pretty good. and much cheaper, but a little bigger

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Thanks but idk if those are the one's for me, they look huge and quite frankly ugly.

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Hd 598 best headphones that look good rated # 18 out of all headphones and they are cheaper then beats i have them as my avatar

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They are awesome

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598s aren't exactly an alternative, more like a complementary.

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And they are kinda big lol




edit: Have you looked at any Grados? Don't get more versatile than them, good for laptops, phones, etc. Maybe an SR60i for starters or if you are willing to spend some, go up to the 125 or 325.

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No one's mentioned V-Moda yet? You may wanna take a look at the V-Moda M-80 & LP2 threads. And there's some discount codes going on too.

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Look into an Audio Technica WS55. The headphone on my signature. It is what the Solos should have been. Imo..

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Also, they aren't the best performing headphones for the price but the AKG K81 DJ is a damn sleek looking headphone that comes in cool colors.

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I've never thought picking out headphones was so confusing! haha but those Audio Technica WS55 do look pretty sweet. I don't know about the v-moda's just a little bit to flashy like I'm trying to get people to look at me. I have considered the grado's but i don't think that open cup would work cause i was hoping to take them to class without disturbing others. Also where do you find the AKG K81 DJ in diff colors?  And what about the one's I've been looking at are they good are they bad, are they worth the 200? thx

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I am so sorry, it's the 518 that comes lots of different colors




It and the 81 look so similar that I forgot about which was which. I cannot personally comment on it's sound.

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V-Moda M-80

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It might be a bit -too- similar to Beats style, but I hear good things about Fanny Wang's headphones. 

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V-Moda M-80 or Crossfade LP2.

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