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For Sale:
IC: Audio-GD NFB-10SE balanced amp/dac [Aus]

Will Ship To: Australia

The NFB-10SE is a versatile bang for buck system. It's a balanced amp/dac combo (4 pin xlr and single ended trs headphone out) with gobs of power and great synergy with the LCD-2.


Specs from Audio-GD:


Headphone amp output power ability
(Only for >15 ohm headphone.)
Balanced mode

9950MW /  25 ohm
5950MW /  50 ohm
 3300MW  /  100 ohm
1150MW / 300 ohm
590MW  /  600 ohm

Headphone amp output power ability
(Only for >15 ohm headphone.)
Single end mode
3300MW /  25 ohm
1650MW /  50 ohm
 850MW  /  100 ohm
300MW / 300 ohm
150MW  /  600 ohm

This unit was purchased from Audio-GD on Sept 15 and received Sept 28. Gain is default at 12dB (high) and 0dB (low). I have both DIR9001 and WM8805 spdif modules. Factoring shipping, the DIR9001 module, and the (PayPal) fees Audio-GD charge, total cost delivered to Australia was $596.40USD.

Looking for SOLD plus cost of Registered Post within Australia. PM away. Cheers.

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