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For Sale: JH3A Cables (long & short)

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For Sale:
JH3A Cables (long & short)

Will Ship To: US & Canada

Not sure the current status of the JH3A fiasco, but if anyone is still in, I have a couple cables that have never been used. Don't remember all the details as I've had for so long, but I believe a 25' Blue Jeans Belden 1505F, with RCA at one end and a standard mono mini tip on the other. Once the requirement was changed, ordered a new tip along with a 10" Black Dragon cable from Moon Audio (RCA at one end and correct mini-tip at the other). If you want to use the longer cable you'd need to swap out the mini tip. Not sure how much I paid for all, though I'm sure it was over $100. $50 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions.


EDIT: Price drop.

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Do you still have it? I pm you couple times not sure you get it or not?

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