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Most Neutral Amp

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I am on the quest to achieve the flattest frequency response I can in a portable setup. I have a Clip+ (Rockboxed) which has a ruler flat response. Soon I am acquiring the Fischer 003 (reference cans). I currently have the PA2V2 made by Gary Ali.


Don't get me wrong; the PA2V2 is an excellent amp. But I am wondering how flat the response really is. If it's flat then I will keep it (I have no idea of telling how it's flat. My own ears aren't accurate enough - yet). 


So what is the most neutral portable amp? I want fidelity in my setup! I read that the Porta Corda MK III is the most neutral. Is this true? (I can't find it anyhow, but will worry about that later).

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Maybe the RSA protector in balanced mode.
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Unfortunately that is way out of my price range. I think at the very highest I could go with like 200 bucks. I really want that flat frequency response. I want it so bad!!!


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The audioGD amps are quite neutral.

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The Pico AMPs are neutral and others neutral AMPs brands are like iBasso, Fiio and Nuforce.
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It seems PA2V2 has an output impedance of 3.3ohm, so any headphones that are 32ohm are good to go.

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Mind my seemingly incredible stupidity... 


The 003's are 64 ohm cans. But I have read in all kinds of places that the PA2V2 is certainly not flat. Ughhh.... this head-fi stuff is making me nutty.


I just want flat, fidelity, neutrality, 100% truth inmy sound - or at least as close as possible to it. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED? :P

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Some RMAA tests realed that PA2V2 is flat. http://rmaa.elektrokrishna.com/Various/Echo%20Gina%20-%20PA2V2.htm


003 are not that hard to drive, your clip+ will do a good job. Plus you have PA2V2 already.  But don't listen to someone like me, you can spend your $200 and be very happy.

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Wait. I almost sold my PA2V2 thinking it wasn't flat... and it is? 


... Can I marry you? 

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... and this means that when playing my 64 ohm FA-003's they will remain flat? I mean, the amp will bring better definition to my FA-003's without screwing up the frequency response or causing problems? 


And yes, I will listen to you ahhahahaha. You have brought me some sanity in my compulsive search for fidelity. I started reading for "ten minutes" two hours ago. This is becoming an addiction. I need an intervention! :P 

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I felt like that just a few weeks ago deciding what headphones to buy.




003's impedance doesn't vary wildly like the notorious mid to high-end Sennies HD series. That's why we hear people say synergy a lot with those headphones, because I think the output impedance is making them "picky"


Head-fiers did report some improvement in 003 with amping. You can certainly sell your PA2V2, buy something else that you think will be best. Perhaps a preassembled O2 from jdslabs.


I haven't been a big fan of colorful words used by head-fiers to describe amps, ever since I was "educated" by you know who. Even RMAA results can be misleading. I now would prefer to stick with products that have been measured by a proper scope instead.

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Errr, sorry I don't quite understand if you answered my question *scratches head*. Mind my slowness today. I'm exhausted. 


My main question is: Clip+ (Rockboxed) > PA2V2 > Fischer Audio 003 = flat? fidelity? neutrality? 


and who is you know who? :P

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Products measured by a proper scope? Okay, I'm completely lost. Mind explaining (sorry)? 

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and my question about the Clip PA2V2 Fischer? :P (are you going to kill me now? :P)

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