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Given that the RN60D metal film resistor is just about the perfect resistor then "upgrading" them can only be detrimental.  There are exceptions such as the "batteries" in the T2DIY which need a slightly inductive resistor (and Stax told us as much) but that isn't the case here. 

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

I would certainly hope that's not the case, as he currently has thousands of other peoples money tied up in T2 casework.  Last I heard he was waiting for the Chinese new year to pass so he could get some work done...


I sure hope not. 


He has yet to return any of my emails or PMs this year.  He stopped returning my PMs in Sept. 2013.  The last email I got from him was from Dec. 15th of 2013 saying his hometown got hit with a Typhoon and flood and promised the amp by the end of the year.  After that - nothing no more emails no more PMs - nothing.  


We started this project in May of 2013. 

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That sucks.  When he was in the US a few years back (lived near you in OH actually) he was very easy to get hold of but since he's been out east, its been hard to get in touch with him in general.  Hope you get that resolved, its a great amp.

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Yeah, it was going to be a special build.  At this point I'd rather take a new / mint condition pair of SR-009s.  

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I am loving it and I am very confident of what I am hearing. The upgrades I am finding very significant to SQ. It also helped me personally understand what some criticize about the vanilla KGSSHV sound. My 2c anyone can feel free to disregard and disagree with.

Again many thanks to KG for such a great design and headinclouds for the excellent build!
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I'll take Birgir's absolute experience and knowledge over anything else. But I am glad you found even more enjoyment with your amp, Neg. After all, this hobby is subjective.

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+1.  His knowledge and experience is simply absolute.

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

+1.  His knowledge and experience is simply absolute.

I ran straight into that one. :biggrin:

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On the T2, the high end Vishay resistors caused a problem because they leaked current to the ground plane.

Due to the super thin coating on these resistors. So running a resistor at 500v ( a few at 560v) for a resistor

rated at 350v did not turn out well. Lifting the resistors .25 inch above the board did help, but still not

a great idea. Stax used xicon resistors rated for voltage for a reason. And the same resistors are

highly recommended if you build a diy T2.


I can definitely see that if you change the feedback resistors to something like a non-inductive bulk film type

the sound is going to change. The standard dale 1% rn60 resistors are all spiral trimmed to value and

are therefore slightly inductive, and the inductance changes with the value.


I have found that the absolute best resistors for this are the thick film on ceramic substrate. But they

are very fragile (crack easily if you overheat when you solder) and 150 times the price of regular resistors.


One of the nice things about DIY is that you can customize just about everything. Like using the

way overpriced RK50 pots. And silver wire.

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Yes technical requirements come before audiophile fads.  I am not a believer in just throwing money at a project, preferring to get the best result from engineering means.  Starting with a reliable circuit and BOM etc. that sounds really good in stock form, build changes can alter the flavour a little.  Careful selection of component types allows fine tuning of the sound.  Because electrostatic and valve amplifiers involve high voltages we are limited in suitable resistors.  Within that narrow band there are a few resistors that can alter the sound.  I am sure other builders will try experiments of their own; as Kevin says that is one of the nice things about DIY.

We also have the possibility of fitting the circuits into different personalised cases which is where DIY is really fun.  Some published pictures have shown quite different case types.

I have built several in different styles, at the request of enthusiasts, so they could get close to their personal wants.  The most recent was built to take up least room on the desk.  Nicknamed the “Cube” it is gold with black trim.   It contains the mini PS, amps, servos and A-D attenuator in a size of 242 W x260 D x180H. It has 450v rails and 14mA standing current.  I am now building one for me to keep.

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That KGSSHV is a beauty! :L3000:

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Thanks chinsettawong,  You probably know as well there are times when you wonder what you've gotten into!

But they turn out well in the end.


P.S. I was admiring your estat phones again this week.  Now I've done a few amps I need to try something else!

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That lil thing is pretty badass. I think we'd all like some desk/rackspace back. Nice work, Geoff!

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Hi Cory,


Glad you like it.  Hope you're still enjoying yours.

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Originally Posted by headinclouds View Post

Hi Cory,


Glad you like it.  Hope you're still enjoying yours.

I am, er, uh, was. I have no headphones! Haha. SR-009 soon though.

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