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To be honest, work, laziness & family responsibilities. I haven't bought any of the other components aside from the transistors & a Tkd 4CP-2508-S pot (although I do still want to order the RK50).

I may make an order with Sato Denki for the 2SC4686A. PM me if you want some. Can ship it to you when it arrives - usual PP & shipping fees.
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I've been wanting to try out that TKD pot. Did you source it from a European shop? I've forgotten.

I would suggest saving an rk50 for something like the BHSE/megatron/T2. That way, the power consumption will be as obscene as the pot price.


Thanks for your generous offer, but I bought a little bit over double what I needed for my first KGSSHV build. I have those leftovers and a set of IXYS for the -k boards which I've also left sitting around for a few months.


I may hit you up for some T2-related parts though...this hobby is the worst

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There is an annual tube festival/event in Japan (which is usually overshadowed by the big Fujiya/e-earphone Headphone, and International Speaker events) and they sold parts there. I bought the TKD from one of the exhibitors there. I also bought some Allen Bradley resistors only to realise the tolerance was the wrong spec :((10%).


I know what you mean about going overboard. I ended up buying like 5x of transistors & boards (3x on, 2x off).

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

I know what you mean about going overboard. I ended up buying like 5x of transistors & boards (3x on, 2x off).


I think that's very normal for an active DIYer.  :beyersmile:

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Ok my story. It's been a while since I received my build of the KGSSHV. Built by headinclouds it was an offboard 10mA 1800V. It was a exceptional experience working with Geoff (headinclouds) to get this build completed to my requirement. To the standard build we have added a 41 steps attenuator (credit to paradoxper for the idea) and Furutech XLR and mains sockets. Whether or not the later made any difference I don't know, but they seem to be quality built.


I had a good impression on the KGSSHV sound on my own headphones from previous listening. The initial impression after burn-in was right on par with my original experience. The KGSSHV is an amazing technically sounding amplifier, with great PRAT, detail and speed. However, having heard a few things here and there, I told Geoff something was yet missing. Yes I admit, I am a bit of an ass, I was so lucky in the first place to have found someone to build me a top spec KGSSHV and to my specific requirement.


So here's where the story goes a few months later. A few modifications, and most importantly since we have some good cooling capacity here, a 14mA current KGSSHV. 


I was expecting an improvement I will admit to that. It only has a couple of days burn-in, but I only needed about a few seconds to tell this is now a completely different animal. Before posting complete impressions I would like to allow it to settle to a complete run-in, but it is the best I have ever heard the Stax headphones yet. Organic, effortless, holographic, yet very detailed and fast. That thing that made the KGSSHV just a bit sterile is completely gone now.

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Wow, 14mA, that's 3x the nominal value recommended for the build?
You're in DIY T2 territory as far as voltage swing and idle current goes, this thing must be fairly huge and run pretty warm!

Would be curious to hear more about perceived differences beween the 2 versions you heard. What phones are you using?

Voltage swing ratings: http://www.head-fi.org/t/582518/electrostatic-amplifiers-voltage-ratings/0_30#post_7924572

Current ratings: http://www.head-fi.org/t/582518/electrostatic-amplifiers-voltage-ratings/0_30#post_7925458
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Yes, we are probably in previously uncharted territory here. I own the SR-007 MKIs and 009s. My impressions are on the 007 MKIs as these are much harder to drive. I am a simple guy who thinks the 009s actually can run and sound great on a lot of lesser amping. Of course "better" still does it. :)


The 14mA KGSSHV is running at a constant 38-39 degrees Celsius with 21-22 degrees room temp. Compared to my tractor class A speaker amp which runs at constant 57-59 degrees and keeps my room warm in the winter at a constant 22 degree, with no other heating, this is a walk in the park.


Regarding perceived difference: The KGSSHV was really great, but this is sounding as a completely different class now. I'm loving it, gets me foot tapping on every genre I've heard so far. It's 3 am here yet I am still re-discovering music. Even metal music is sounding both bad ass and clear and this is a busy genre, yet it sounds effortless. Also the bass response... my god. The KGSSHV always had excellent bass response, but this is yet another level in impact. It's thundering and exploding. Gives these stators a run for their money for sure. :) And no, it doesn't change the frequency balance, it's just that bit better in transient response.

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Very interesting! Were the mods substantial enough that a bigger case was needed?
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Originally Posted by Argybargy View Post

Very interesting! Were the mods substantial enough that a bigger case was needed?


No case change. :)

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KGSSHV does not sound sterile. At all.

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The case measures 380 W x320 D x100 H, plus a 10mm front panel of 382 x 102.  Edit for the non-metrics (15" W x 12" deep x 4" high) plus feet

This is it;


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Interested in hearing what mods were done. Don't keep us in the dark.

Also, headinclouds, did you do the mods?
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It is very easy to increase the output stage bias as long as you can get rid of the heat.  Change the resistors values that set the bias to less than 100ohm and you're above 10mA.


This is all covered on the other site.

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Originally Posted by gilency View Post

KGSSHV does not sound sterile. At all.


By that I mean a bit digital sounding. This is compared to the "upgraded" one, which I think sounds that bit more organic and at ease. Also in comparison I think it sounds less grainy and more fluid in the high frequencies.

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it doesnt sound digital either
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