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Etymotic Research HF3 Best Buy $99

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Not the 'hottest' deal I'd say, but considering the MSRP being $179.99, I thought someone in Head-fi might appreciate it. I returned the black HF3 that I bought a few days back for $139.99 for this one today.

Best Buy


Etymotic Research HF3



Not sure if this is a Black Friday (11/25) deal or not but it's live both online and in store.

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Isn't the HF-3 just a HF-5 with inline controls? If so, IMO $99 is pretty good. Got my HF-5s for about 95.

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I got HF2s for 99...  And yes, it's a good deal.  I still prefer the EtyKids though right now.

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For whatever reason, they are on clearance at my local BB for $95 (sitting right next to mc3 for $74).  Are these being discontinued or something?

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Hey are these on clearance nationally?

Or is this a your mileage may vary? Online I'm seeing stock, but they're $179.

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Must be a YMMV.  I never really understand the clearance thing with stores like Target and BB.  Online stuff retails for MSRP and then you go to the store and then, in this case, there were about 12 hf3's just sitting there on clearance.

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Unless there's a rappers face on the box (or it says BOSE somewhere) Best Buy does not have the wherewithall to explain why someone should spend more that $50 on an IEM (or earbud as they call them).  They're going on clearance because BB can't move them.

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As jnorris points out, nothing wrong with the gear just the store selling them. Jump all over those babies. I bought a pair from London Drugs who was clearing them out for the same price and likely the same reason and I am VERY HAPPY with the result. I actually grilled them on their return policy because I was convinced I would not like the ETY sound. BOY WAS I WRONG!! But I do have to say if your wanting BASS! then these are not the right IEM, or if you have issues buying aftermarket tips (Shure Olives pretty sweet) and are extremely averse to tri-flange tips or the foams they include you might want to look elsewhere. I was pretty sure I would be able to use the tri-flanges but was surpised when they worked out (a bit uncomfortable but amazing sound, and I did start to get used to them). I have gone with Shure tips though as they are faster to insert and irritate me a bit less even though they remove a bit of the treble.


I took the money I saved and have ended up ordering the custom tips with their coupon from ACS. Yes it's expensive but I think the added isolation and comfort of the ACS tips coupled with the unbelievable sound of the HF series is worth the bucks. Anyway enough rambling, good look and happy listening to anyone willing to take a chance on these while you can get a good price.

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I got them at full retail at 179 cuz there wasn't any discount here in Canada at the time and I thought it was well worth the price, a hell lot better than the 179 I spent on the Monster Turbines at Future shop before. 

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MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the original Turbines. The MT's were good but not at that price point. I'm glad I got the ETY on sale but having now heard them I would say they are worth the $180 price. Just glad I was able to get them for less :-)

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I have to admit I'm tempted to go get them even though I don't "need" them right now.  I figure if I don't like them I could probably turn around and sell for a minimal loss.  I had a ER-6 back in the day and liked.  I imagine these are probably on the same level if not better and would serve as a decent iphone headset.

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180$ already? :/

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Broke down and bought a pair (it looked like nobody had even bought 1 in the past few days, so sad).  These things are just incredible.  I don't remember my ER-6's being this good although it's been years.

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I hear you, but other peoples loss is your gain :-)
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Got mine from BB for 78 3 days ago. Forgot how much I missed my ER4S's.

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