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I hate to bring the name "beats" into this forum but I need something for a base comparison. I've demoed my sisters solo beats for maybe 30 Min's. Is the LP2's bass even slightly comparable to the beats? 

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I own the LP2 and demoed the Beats line at a BestBuy. They amp the headphones separate from all the others, so the sound was noticeably louder with a lot of bass; but not pleasant bass. If you've ever heard subs going off you'll know what I mean, just thumping that hurts your ears and all the bass notes are the same pitch, making music sound like a lot of "BOOM BOOM BOOM". The build quality was really disappointing... I expected more out of $200 headphones.


That said, LP2's have a lot of bass, and I think they're enjoyable for hip hop. I would say get LP2's, not because "BEATS ARE OVERPRICED JUNK" but on so many aspects LP2's outperform. Amazon had the LP2's around $170 when I bought it. A great investment in my opinion

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Forgot to talk about the bass in LP2's... sorry


The bass goes really low. I was listening to Drank In My Cup by Kirko Bangz, and I heard quality bass. It does overpower the mids and the highs are a bit rolled off so be mindful of that. But if you just want bass LP2's will really satisfy. They're easy to drive with a smartphone/iPod but I would recommend using good source, my computer makes them sound much more bassier than my phone.

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All I can say is I was listening to When we ride on our enemies -Tupac. Lp2s and XB1ks.


Winner: Lp2


Wish I could hear the m-100s.


I had no idea V-Moda even existed. I took a chance (over beats) and I could never have imagined how much one could get for what one pays. Built solid. Crisp highs, Decent Mids. BASSSSSSSSSSSS (so fresh so clean). Sometimes can overpower mids and interfere with highs. For amateur audiophiles like myself, a McKinley and Lp2 with your portable device is NOT BAD AT ALL for subway rides. The case is awesome. And super comfortable.


After modding xb1000s (material behind driver, material covering grill), XB1k new BEAST!

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I listen mostly to Rock (mostly classic/prog: Rush, Genesis, Led Zeppelin yada yada), but also lots of House, Dance, Hip-hop and other bassy genre's. I would like them to work well with most genre's though (acoustic guitars, folk, classical piano/strings, big band, horns, ect.). These would be lifestyle-type cans used for whatever tunes happen to tickle my fancy on the bus or while studying.


Right now LP2's are $199, and M100 are ~$300 (depending on the retailer).


I'm no audiophile (yet), but I like to think I can appreciate high quality sound.


I'm set on Vmoda for style, portability, price, in-line mic/controls (iphone), and build-quality, for my purposes: are the M100's worth the $100 mark-up? Or will I be satisfied by the LP2's? Also are the M100's noticeably bulkier/heavier than the LP2's?

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Finally someone is helpful with my headpone deciding troubles thank you for taking the time to type that review I will get those then probably tell you what I think of them. Peace.
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