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I'm kinda new to the quality headphone world.  I had a decent pair of etymotic in-ears but I'm looking for a good over ear headphone.  From what I have read over all these pages the LP2 seem to be what I want, although I am considering waiting till the m-100 release just to wait and see.  However, I have a couple technical questions since don't really understand all of the facets of portable amps and ohms and whatnot yet.  


I just bought an XPS17 laptop from dell and inside is the sound card Realtec ACL665.  This is the spec page from Realtec.


Is that sufficient to run these headphones or would y'all strongly advise an amp?


Also, anyone with experience or knowledge about how these would work ampless on an iPod Touch 3G or HTC Thunderbolt please give me thoughts.


Thanks :D

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I’ve owned the V-Moda LP2 for about a week now and I thought I’d write my first post as a review on these.  I’d just like to say that I’m not a trained-expert-audiophile, I’d consider myself more to be an ‘audio enthusiast’.  For years I’ve owned Sennheisers in various models and the ones I used mostly were the HD25 1-II, I used them as a DJ and also used them in film-making when listening to the dialogue and recorded sound on set.  I absolutely love them and I can understand why many DJ’s, studio technicians and sound recordists consider them to be one of the industry standard headphones for those applications. 


As the HD25s are on-ear, I wanted a pair of circumaural headphones for that are sturdy for daily commuting and general mobile use for my iPod.  Most headphones have a light delicate feel about them and many people have commented favourably about the build quality on these - they’re not wrong!  You can feel that you have a quality product, the headphones look superb and I love the minimal branding that V-Moda have adopted on this model.  Someone looking at these may not know what brand they are but the matte black finish and the materials used in these ooze class and quality.  They feel solid without being heavy and I’ve found them to be really comfortable, my ears fit perfectly in the pads – I’d just like to say that I do have small ears though!  I was going to go for the M80 but was thinking they might sound too similar to the HD25 and like I say, I wanted an over-ear.  I was also tempted to wait for the M100 but couldn’t hold out!


Anyway, now for the sound quality.  Being used to the sound of the HD25 and the open backed HD555, I wanted a sound that was more fun and has a bit more ‘substance’ in the hip hop and dance tracks I listen to.


I listened to a few genres of music with them and found that for modern studio and electronically produced music (hip hop, house etc etc) they really perform excellently – Calvin Harris and LMFAO for example.  For those of you that know the track ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal – that bassline sounds amazing!  With guitar based music, it depends on the recording and the track.  Acoustic and folk songs performed well – Alison Krauss sounded great.  There were a couple of guitar based songs that didn’t work too well and was too bassy but I wouldn’t say that was down to the genre of the music, more to do with that particular track.  For example, from the Smashing Pumpkins album ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’, I personally thought that ‘Bullet with butterfly wings’ sounded way too bassy but for ‘Tonight Tonight’, they were great.  I loved listening to the White Stripes with these though!


Some have said that the bass is too much on the LP2 and I was worried that all I’d hear is booming bass drowning everything else out on everything but that was definitely not the case for the majority of the music I tested them with.  Sure, they have more bass than my HD25s but generally, they handle the bass well and it wasn’t out of control or distorted – especially for modern urban/hip hop and dance tracks.  I read that the LP1 were even more bassy and I can’t really compare but I thought these were fine.


I owned a pair of Beats Studio and while I’m not a Beats hater like, what seems to be 95% of the head-fiers, I definitely agree that they are not worth the price they’re sold at.  I think they are decent but they leak way too much, I had them at a fairly low level and everyone could hear clearly what I was listening to – thankfully it wasn’t a cheesy guilty pleasure track at the time.  For anyone considering getting the Beats Studio or the Beats Pro – do yourself a favour and get these instead – you’ll also have extra money to treat yourself/girlfriend/boyfriend!  I think the sound quality of the LP2 is better and there is no contest with the build quality.  They look better and you’re not in competition with 15 year old kids wearing fake Beats thinking that they have the pinnacle in sound quality.


For anyone in doubt on whether to get these, if you’re after a pair of headphones that add a little extra ‘meat’ to your music in regard to the bass – I highly recommend the LP2s.


Sorry to add this review eight pages in but i thought I'd add my two pence......

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So how do you think the bass and clarity is compared to the koss portapros? I currently own the portapro and im thinking of getting the lp2s. sadly I am unable to test them out in my country =(

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Originally Posted by Limenyang View Post

So how do you think the bass and clarity is compared to the koss portapros? I currently own the portapro and im thinking of getting the lp2s. sadly I am unable to test them out in my country =(

I was also in the same situation and couldn't try them instore either.  V-Moda doesn't seem to have an equivalent high street distributor in the UK like a RadioShack in the US so I decided to just get them from Amazon and send them back if they weren't satisfactory - fortunately 3 weeks later, there is no need!


I haven't been able to try the Koss Portapros so unfortunately can't give you an opinion.  When I first got them, I compared them mainly with the ones I mentioned in my review (Senn HD25 1-II, Senn HD555, Beats Studio & Beats Pro)


What I can say is that I've found them perfect for mobile use, they're tough and comfortable when listening.  One downside is that they don't fit too well when worn around the neck - that could just be me though?....

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hey dont the lp2s come with a lifetime warrenty that if they break youll get 1/2 of their retail back?.....so the $200 headphones just turned into $100 headphones? hmmmmm just a thought....

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Originally Posted by morocco711 View Post

hey dont the lp2s come with a lifetime warrenty that if they break youll get 1/2 of their retail back?.....so the $200 headphones just turned into $100 headphones? hmmmmm just a thought....



Read that again

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Thanks for the great reviews!  I'm still deciding on the M80's vs the LP2's vs the HD 25-II.  Listen to fusion, prog-rock, jazz and lots of hard rock like Tool.  Want a punchy bass and great mid-range.  I have both SE210's & Turbine ProGold's, but they are killing my ears-both my hearing and are also uncomfortable for long periods while flying.  I can't wear IEM's on flights any more so these would replace them.  I love the mid's I get from the Shures, and the killer bass from the Turbines.  But what you gain in bass you loose in mid and highs with the Turbines.  I listen to only Apple Lossless files on my 4th Gen iPod Touch, and don't want to use a portable amp.  With this info, can anyone recommend which of these three would be best sound wise?  I really like the cables on the V-Moda models, but the HD25's get great reviews.  Thanks in advance!

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I like bass and I'm thinking of getting the lp2.... but i also think that audiotechnica's ath pro 700mkII would be a better choice. What do you think? I would also be pairing it to a fiio e11. thanks in advance for your advice

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The lp2 has better bass and more impact. So if all you want is bass get the lp2, however to my ears the pro700mk2 had better clarity and better overall sound quality.

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I've still enjoyed my LP2. It's doubled as my main headphones for my gaming and movie watching. It's probably more inclined towards bass for some people's taste, but it's the perfect set for me coupled with my Zo2 v.1


Just sharing my new custom shields, too.


Custom Logo LP2


Custom Logo LP2 - #2


Custom Logo LP2 - #3


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How do you keep them so open?

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Are these LP2 better or the M80??

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How do you define "better"?

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

How do you define "better"?

Better in terms of sound and comfortability (maybe also in terms of its price)

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That is unfortunately up to each individual. I've read some people find the M-80 comfortable, whilst others not. Similarly with the LP2. In terms of sound, that is going to be very difficult to quantify due to listener's different taste.


So for me, I ended up buying 3x M-80's (one for myself, and 2x for friends). I also bought 1xLP2 for one of my other friends (ok, the guy got the LP2, his GF for the M-80 - both X'mas presents). The minute they received them I demo-ed them. Yes I know it's sorta cheeky demo-ing presents you're giving to someone else.


(mine on the left, my friends' middle and right - the 3rd M80 was being delivered to a different country)

2xM-80 1xLP2


The LP2s were circumaural which I generally like however they are also bigger, therefore not so comfy to hang around the neck. The M-80's were supra-aural which sits on your ears. To me, they isolated less but they were more comfortable around my neck.


Sound-wise, I found the LP2s somewhat dark for my tastes and preferred the M-80's. Maybe I like my music brighter. I've read on the M-80 thread that some owners feel they don't have enough bass but to me they have sufficient. Others may prefer the LP2s for the greater bass but don't mind sacrificing the highs. I personally did.


Hope this explains why "better" is somewhat hard to quantify in audio terms.


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