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Hi all,

i was wondering if there is anyone who has professional experience with studio monitors. I am going to go listen to some in my price range, but i also wanted to hear recommendations.


My budget is no more than $400 for a pair. I work with a lot of bass heavy material so i will buy a seperate sub. I am looking for superb clarity in high and mid-range frequencies. Any subwoofer suggestions are welcome as well.


I also have a question pertaining to subwoofers. Should i get a specific sub meant for monitoring? Or will a sub from amazon work just fine? I am asking because i can't find any "monitoring" subs under $400 that reproduce waves down to at least 25Hz. The KRK 10 sub is rated 34Hz, and its at $400, but the polk audio PSW505 for $200 goes down to 23Hz.


I understand that the polk audio will probably have some coloring. Are there even studio monitoring subs meant for that kind of thing? Or does it not matter?