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Hello, in my opinion this is greatest taobao agent so far. It's in english and easy to find what you need. I have alredy bought some things, and recieved it.

Superlux HD668B headphones for $40 shipped

Ipod touch 2nd 32gb almost new for $140

And so on.

There is standart price. When you add to cart, after some time will appear package weight and shipping costs. Then there will be paypal fee and agent fee.

For example new Teclast X19HD. Price is 27.2 USD, shiping costs 6.67 USD( 302g), Last two fees is small and at the end  is price of $37. 20 dollars less than on!

Other items

Cube C30- $36

Cowon C2 4gb- $115( for about 45 usd you can add 32microsdhc)

Cowon J3 4gb $170

Iriver U100 $130

Lots of ipods(new and used) for small prices.

You can find allmost all earphones(fake and genuine too), players, tablet pc at low price.

Feel free to ask questions.