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Hi guys,


Got a new phone, and a pair of IEMs came free (don't ask which ones, just some generic in-ear things smily_headphones1.gif)


Yeah, well I tried them on my PC, and.. not good - the sound was distorted and muffled, like listening whilst the jack is only half in. I tried pulling the jack halfway out (so 1 ring was not inside the socket) and the sound was restored, although in mono (I think).


I tried the same thing with my Ety's, and when I pulled them halfway out I also got mono sound - why is it that when fully in, the phone 'phones don't work properly? They work fine on my laptop, on my iPod and phone, but not on my PC, old phone, or other PC!


Any ideas? I have a feeling it might be faulty wiring in the jack? But why does it work on the laptop/iPod? Maybe because they have a higher-powered output? (the max volume from the laptop/ipod is *way* - i'm talking s.f. 10 - higher than my PCs or phone)


Also, with my Ety's on my "other" PC, I often find that the sound 'pans' to the left, and sometimes cuts out altogether in the right ear.. No issues with other sources, and yes, I have tried left phone in right ear, and it reverses the issue :P I tried the "pull-out-halfway" trick and got mono sound, so what's up with them?