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Well, I still want to do it, if you can open an exception. Actually, I'm working in a comparision betwen 6 IEMs of brainwavz family, right now. 
Just let me know if I can do it for the factory, ok?
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I'm in!


I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And here's a link to a review I've posted here some time ago:


I also have a blog where I currently post my reviews in Portuguese:

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What's up with Blox? Now the homepage doesn't even work!

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Originally Posted by Danneq View Post

What's up with Blox? Now the homepage doesn't even work!

If I can remember, they said something about news on January, like new website and new stock. Let's wait a bit!

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I hope so! I like my M2C very much and would like to get my hands on the TM5. I love my Yuin PK2, but the M2C are slightly better and this for a lower price.


I'm really looking forward to the BXIII (or whatever the TM5 replacement model currently in development is called).

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sooo... jant and kjk, how would you compare this to our old k312 ?

after a year of long long audition of the k312 and mx471 i personally like the akg's a bit more. they're brighter and have more fwdd mids , more speed and  treble. but when it comes to detail and separation and airiness they lose to the senn's. 

but i also get a better fit and comfort  with the akg 312 (but not as good as with the PK's)


[btw, i'd love to get a pair to post my impressions and comparisions (and get a free pair after thatbiggrin.gif)]

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They are a higher level than the two. I'm pretty sure most will agree they are a step up from the 312's, BeB's, 471/580's, PK3 and other buds of that level. I think they are slightly better than the more expensive PK2 and MX880 as well. 


They are a bit mid forward and have a big stage size/airiness with very good transparency and detail. They aren't very bright though. Other than that, I think you would like how they sound.

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thank you for the fast reply. i'll take these ones in count!

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Blox m2c Notes

THe Blox m2c earbuds build is fine and they are comfortable enough. As said before they are almost a clone of the Sennhiesers buds but they have a Y cord unlike some of the Senns with the stupid J cord. I don’t have much experience with earbuds but I do have some Sennheiser mx400s.

 I think these buds do a lot of things well. I think clarity and detail are these buds strong suit. I found them to be very crisp and enjoyable. The highs were never shrill. Mids were pleasant and clear. The bass was a little light for my taste. I used my ZO2 to solve that problem some thing I do with all earbuds. T

Over all I think these are a nice set of earbuds. $30 is a reasonable price for these( not $100 earbud scam). If you need buds not iems these are very nice.

Thanks to kanonathene & ClieOS for the opportunity.

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I, I don't suppose this is still going on is it? If so, I'm definitely willing to type up a review. 

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Woo at Blox has asked me to close the audition for now, their supply can't meet demand.

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Originally Posted by kanonathena View Post

Woo at Blox has asked me to close the audition for now, their supply can't meet demand.

Too bad. Blox can definitly compete with Yuin. I prefer my M2C to my PK2. The PK2 has got slightly better detail, but the M2C has got a more enveloping soundstage, so then I'm prepared to sacrifice some detail.


I hope that Blox can increase their production. They'd surely sell a lot of earbuds if they had a better supply...


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I found myself a pair. I might go ahead and post impressions anyways

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they said the stock will be back in Feb., so lets hope it does, It is a fantastic earbuds even if it cost twice as much.

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