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Where'd you get those pins?

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from an idea by chinsettawong.


I trashed 2 x neutrik male gold xlr's.

which makes the piece above about $20 so far

plus the machined cap


they are exactly the correct size, 3/32 inch

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So the question becomes where can you source freestanding 3/32" gold pins of the right length so you don't have to go through the expense and effort of buying and pulling apart Neutrik male gold xlrs, which sounds overly expensive, time-consuming and a general pain. Neutrik must be getting them from somewhere. I bet they'd tell you if you ask nicely.

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well these guys


from here



but they cost more than buying the neutrik connectors and they don't have the umbrella flair that keeps them

in the hole. The pins come out in seconds with an appropriately drilled piece of aluminum and a small bench



Its not about cost, its about having the perfect connector.

you should know that this is the way I do things.

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Is 2.5 mm too large?


Also, do you have the CAD drawing of the pin placements still?  I can't find it anywhere.

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Well Kevin, I get that you're not concerned about cost, and the Ladd pins don't work right so they're not a practical option. And it still must be a pain to pull the Neutriks apart. What about my second approach, asking Neutrik where they source their pins? It's not like you're competing with them--you're clearly not planning on mass producing XLRs.

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this is the female jack, but the numbers are the same (in inches)



2.5mm is too large in diameter.

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Anybody interested in a pair of ESP-950s with maybe 100 hours on them and no issues last time I tried them (7 months ago) for $600 shipped anywhere in the continental US should PM me.  I like them, but prefer my LCDs, and need the cash to feed my other habit -- orchard equipment.  Any of you who think this hobby is expensive should be thankful you're not into Italian orchard equipment... (why yes, I DO need a $60,000 tractor...I think... ).  The Koss won't buy me much more than a small part of a side-shifting mower or airblast sprayer, but every little bit will help at this point.


I'll be putting a post up in the FS section over the weekend, but figured I'd give the aficionados a shot first.

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