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Scarce information on them also.

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Originally Posted by MadMoxxi View Post

Ha! I took an LCD2 onto a plane once and had to explain why it was locked in a "suspicious" looking box.  A young kid was screaming and crying his eyes out for the first 20 minutes of the flight and his parents refused to try to hush him up.  I had a big smile on my face after I put my LCD2's on and listened to some tunes.  Laughed hard when that family looked over to me after three straight hours of dubstep leaking out into the plane from my headphones, then tried to complain that my music was too loud.  Great flight. 


Well done!


I hate people who dont bother trying to control their children during flights even more than the people with obnoxious manners (e.g. loud talking, dont know how to eat properly, dont bathe, recline their chair inappropriately, etc)

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While screaming children that kick the back of your chair is annoying on a flight, I think blasting your music is even ruder since you can easily control the volume level. Not only that, you're making yourself deaf and looking like a retard since you're using open-back headphones in an airplane for gawd's sake.

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I still think the parents are worse for letting their kid go nuts, but I agree about making yourself deaf; so for listening to music/movies, IEMs or NC headphones are better.

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No as bad as having a kid puke all over the side next to you during landing.

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Kids are not MP3 players, you can't just press stop and they will stop screaming.  Sometimes intervening while they are losing it will only make the situation worse.


Different kids behave differently, some kids will shut up when you tell them to, some will just scream louder and longer.  I give the parents the benefit of the doubt in how they know best to deal with their children.  And if they are some crazy beatniks who refuse to discipline their children, it will just come back and bite them worse than the kids annoy you on a flight.

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ambchang, how do you like the koss' when compared to your other cans? (trying to stay on topic)

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Well, I have to say I don't have too much experience outside of my core set of phones, but the ESP-950 are really a fantastic deal.  I am looking to upgrade the amp to a reasonably priced Stax amp, then mod the extension cord, but those Stax amps are just too pricey for me at the moment.


Compared the the Magnums, the ESP-950 are much smoother, cleaner, and darker.  The Magnums are fun, punchier, but are not as detailed and resolved.  Both are open sounding phones.


Compared to the modded T50-RP, the ESP-950s are cleaner, not as dark (more sparkle up top as well), sound stage is more opened and more real, quite a bit more details (the T50-RP and the Magnums are about even). The T50-RPs are just more liquid, just a very warm sounding phone.


As for the W3, which I find to be the least sounding of the bunch, the ESP-950 just have it beat in everything, except, of course, portability.  Don't get me wrong, the W3 is a great IEM, especially with the current used prices, but it just isn't comparable to full-sized cans that are deemed to be one of the better values.


Now that you mentioned it, it seems like I have an electrostatic, an ortho, a dynamic, and an armature.  I think I have all the major head/earphone technologies.

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Interesting impressions. Thanks!

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For those who has HD800 and ESP-950 and use them for movie watching. For vocals only, which one has the clearest (not only by boosting treble like my SR-60) articulation?
Fyi, HD800 is my benchmark for clearest sounding vocal for movies right now, followed by HD650, SA3000 and AD2000 about on par, but target slightly different frequency to achieve vocal clarity.
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Btw, anyone want to sell their ESP950 to me?  :D  but without the usual ESP950 issues like squeling etc.  biggrin.gif

Thank you.

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I bought an ESP-950 last night.  $730 + taxes, which doesn't exactly seem cheap, but it's the lowest I have found, and can't find the mythical $650 price tag.  They had two in stock last night, and when I woke up this morning they were all gone.


My other choice was a Beyer T5p, I hope the ESP-950 is really as good as they say!

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Where did you find it? In Amazon it's still $853.
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Originally Posted by RedBull View Post

Where did you find it? In Amazon it's still $853.


Bought from Amazon Canada.  They only had two at $730 so I jumped on it!  


Of course, we Canadians pay lots of tax, so it works out to be $820 after tax.  


If you track down the store that is selling it on Amazon, you'll realize that they have it cheaper on their website if you include a coupon code.  About $810.

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Good input, I will go to the store itself.
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