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Can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney where you can demo a variety of headphones?
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Wink's home.

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Dear Wink.
Please by my friend.
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Has anyone in Melbourne dealt with audiochocolate.com.au? I tried emailing them but the reply I got was bordering on obnoxious,...

The alternative for me is dmavo.com.au - any experiences there?


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Originally Posted by PastaChief View Post




"Your item includes a warranty period of at least 12 months from your original date of purchase which allows for your item to be repaired or replaced free of charge."



these kind of express warranties are only offered on top of your normal rights as an Australian consumer. You are fully protected in this regard for an unspecified amount of time dependant on price etc. Just to let anyone know that doesn't already.

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Thought I'd add another Brisbane retailer carrying a decent range of head fi equipment.




I auditioned and purchased a pair of Final Audio Sonorous III headphones last week, and the service and professionalism from the guys there was outstanding.

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