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Wanted: Stock Grado hardware

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Stock Grado hardware

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I need the stock headband, rodblocks, and gimbals to do a grail Magnum build


Willing to pay :D

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If you come across more than one headband with rod blocks and you don't need the extra, please let me know.  In regards to gimbals - just give Grado a call and tell them that your current ones are loose and it's getting frustrating to keep adjusting them.  They'll send you out a pair with the rods and plastic tips.


Good luck.

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Which model?

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It doesn't really matter, I'll take SR-60 hardware if I have to, we make the headbands and stuff to upgrade them to where we want anyway haha. Do you have a lead on some?

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YGPM----I have a set of what you want in mint condition. They are from a set of SR 80s

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