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Aristaeus vs Blue Hawaii vs WES for Stax MK 2? - Page 2

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Unfortunately, I can't speak to any of the amps, as I haven't heard any of them (including the BHSE).  I ordered my BHSE on faith based on feedback I've heard from people whose advice here is generally sound, and I've never heard a bad Kevin Gilmore design.  I like the sound from amps he's designed.


There are a lot of posts over the last several years on this forum where you can read about the BH/BHSE, WES, and A-10.


Here are a few threads to get you started.  Get a nice drink and start reading wink.gif






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Originally Posted by verwandlung View Post

I am looking for a amp for my Stax MK2 (have been using now for a year Stax 323-II !) and I have difficulty to find anyone who heard both Aristaeus and Blue Hawaii. Would appreciate any thoughts. I know there is a old threat on that subject, but precisely, it is a old one! I am referring to the newly available Aristeaus (not the one which was made many years ago -- or are they the same?) and to the Blue Hawaii SE.


Also, would appreciate it a lot if someone could give me the DIMENSIONS of those amps (I live in NYC and space is always an issue!). 

FYI, the Aristaeus is supposed to be more for the Senn HE90 than the Stax OII (MKI/MKII).


BHSE dimensions: http://www.head-fi.org/t/439657/headamp-blue-hawaii-special-edition/225#post_6859992

Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
Does anyone have any pics with the BHSE referenced against other well-known gear?


Pic of mine from a couple of months ago:


HeadAmp stack

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Stunning stack!

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Thanks for the pic Asr tongue_smile.gif That BHSE amp looks almost the size of the KGSS!  I think the fact that it looks smaller in pictures demonstrates what a great job Justin did with the revised chassis.


You've got quite the Headamp collection!  Actually, that GS-X is the most enticing amp in the pic for me right now... even after hearing many more expensive dynamic amps, I still miss the GS-1.

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Great Headamp collection.  BTW, you need a bigger rack!

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i didnt get to try any other phones with aristeaus but he90s.

i felt that he90s could use a little more power than just aristeaus.


maybe aristeaus would be just great with he60s instead.


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that is about the size of the shelf between my tt's. It would fit nicely and compliment the blue glow from my interconnects.

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That is a nice size. It would fit nicely between my tt's. The blue glow would go nicely with the blue from my interconnects.

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It will fit nicely on my middle shelf between my tt's. The blue glow will work well with the blue from my interconnects.

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