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For Sale:
Rockhopper B-22 NOTE: new price as of 11-22-11 is $975 FIRM

Will Ship To: CONUS

This is a rare chance to get a pro-built B22 at a little more than the cost of the materials. I bought this from the original owner who put about 35 hours total on it. I've added another 400 hours. This is a 3-board, single-ended B22 set to a gain of 5 which is just about perfect. It is a 2-Box unit with the power supply separate from the amp. It is dead quiet at idle and functions flawlessly. Detail in spades and bass to write home about. The reputation of these amps speaks for itself and is entirely justified - simply one of the best SS headphone amps available, built by a pro. This is built into a large enough case to expand to a 4-board balanced version if you eventually want to run balanced. You could pay Stephen at Rockhopper to do the upgrade, or DIY it if you are capable. It has a single pair of RCA inputs. The gain may also be changed. This is an outstanding amp in every respect. If you've been looking for one this is a great opportunity to get a professionally built version. As you can see from the pics the face is clean and austere. Nice aluminum cases and the unique, Rockhopper orange LEDs. There's plenty of input here and on other headphone forums on this great amp. new price as of 11-22-11 will be $975, shipped via insured UPS Ground to CONUS only, and using PayPal, check when cleared, cash. I will negotiate a discount for cash-and-carry via a direct pickup in Norfolk, Va area with Headfi'ers with a long track record and or ample positive feedback.  Please do not use this as a discussion thread. There are plenty of threads on the B22 that you can join in on or ask questions. I will be happy to answer any questions emailed to me, Audiorapture.....

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