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Carrying Case?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this, but I've been reading this forum for a little while now and want to get a set of decent cans (lookin at Philips HP890). However, I'd also like to take them with me in a portable setup, most likely a PCDP + portable amp. To me, it looks like it a lot of stuff to haul around, esp if I want more than a few CDs onhand. What carrying cases do you guys recommend using with your portable setup, main factors for me being a relatively compact size and a decent amount of protection to my gear?

thanks for the time
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With the emphasis on protection, I'd recommend a Pelican case. They are available in many different sizes, and range in price from around $20 to 100. for the sizes which might be appropriate for a headphone system. Here is a link to a little more info, a size chart, and the place I have been buying mine.


I have about a half dozen now in various sizes, from one that will just hold my MD player, a few MD's and my Ety's or some earbuds, to one that will hold a CD player, airhead, some full size cans like my Senn 580's, and a bunch of CD's.

Pelican cases are used by the military, police, medical personal, etc. They have a lifetime guarantee, are waterproof, airtight, lockable, virtually unbreakable, and they would probably survive most explosions. I'll often toss one in a (small) backpack for easier portability. One of these will last a lifetime. Definitely a good investment.

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what about something along the lines of a case logic-esque bag, so that i could listen to it while i carry it?

those pelican cases look tough though, i'll prob pick one up for extended traveling purposes
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HeadRoom has some nice bags. I use a Traveler with my pcdp and Cosmic amp. However, there are other more compact models as well.


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I'm going to move this to the portable audio forum, since it's more fitting there.

by the way, a while back chadbang pointed out a really cool camera bag that he found could carry a pair of HD600's, an amplifier, and a bunch of portable devices easily. I'm not sure how much room it has for media, however. but you should be able to fit your headphones in just fine when you're not using them. let me just dig up the thread...ah, here it is!
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Originally posted by Paul_A
what about something along the lines of a case logic-esque bag, so that i could listen to it while i carry it?

those pelican cases look tough though, i'll prob pick one up for extended traveling purposes
Case Logic makes a lot of different portable bags under $25. Well padded, various sizes and lots of pockets. I probably have 5 or 6 in different sizes. The largest CL case that I have has two PCDP size pockets on the front and a large back pocket with removeable divider that will just barely hold a set of full sized cans if they aren't too big. Anything bigger than that and you'll have to start looking at a camera or camcorder bag.

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Some of the Case Logic cases sold at Best Buy and other stores are rather nice and have a decent amount of padding in them. I use one that has two compartments. The second compartment was originally designed for CDs, but an amp fits in there nicely. I've punched a hole between the compartments, so that the interconnect between the CD player and the amp can stay neatly within the case.
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my long-time portable bag is the case logic KSDM 48 (I think). It's basically a 48 CD case with bags on the outside for stuff. It's a great bag, but I've always wanted room for tons of media as well as headphones. Recently I acquired an MP3/CD player, and that might solve some of my problems since I only need to carry around maybe 10 CD's with me now. But I'm still looking for the exact bag that I want. it seems to me that camera bags are the way to go, since there are so many of them and they have so many options.
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Has anyone taken and placed on the web any 'decent' pictures of the insides of the various Headroom bags? I have a Rio SP250, an amp, etc and am looking at the HR Airbag...


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a quick search brought up these pictures of the airbag:

hope that helps!
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Excellent! Thank you for that!
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