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are all power stripes the same?

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I've got a DAC and a pair of speakers that connect to a $10 power strip with basic surge protection. I have seen some of the more expensive ones that offer 3000+ joules of protection, then when you add a few extra dollars you get something like the Monster Audio HTS 800 which claims to include a stage 1 power filter (is that marketing?) Should I stick with a basic power strip or no?

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Good question.  A power strip could certainly wind up being the weakest link in your power chain.  I'm not sure how much surge protection affects sound quality, either positively or negatively.  Or if a digital device would respond differently to a power strip than would an analog device.  The power cord, plug, switches and receptacles should certainly be of quality and construction as good as anything you are placing "down stream" from them.

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I've found that just making sure things like your computer/television, etc. are on different strips (and preferably different circuits) makes a MUCH bigger difference than the power strip itself. As long as it can handle enough amperage/capacity and isn't built really badly (causing shorts/interference) - then I wouldn't worry too much about it. 

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If you have a good power supply, as long as you have power arriving within spec, you should have the basic performance the PS is designed to support. However, if you have bad power coming in, your PS will have to work harder, may fail sooner, and could affect the sound.  A power conditioner that provides reliable power could combat these bad results.  However, if you have good consistent power, it really isn't necessary. I'm not willing to rely on that and have a Panamax MAX unit that does automatic voltage regulation.  If you're not going to pay for such a unit, but a cheap APC Line-R 1250 (or 1200). It's easily the best value for auto voltage regulation and comes with an equipment warranty too.

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Some of the cheaper power filting strips actually degrade the sound quality I don't think they supply enough current or something, just go with a basic surge protector.

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Mr. Binks!


You're an electrical engineer!

You should be answering the question, not asking the question!


To answer your question, some power bars are nothing but a box with receptacles in them.   Some of those have cheap receptacles that grip the plug poorly, I used to own a couple like that, they were a pain in the butt.......bad connections!


Some power bars have surge suppressors, nice for protecting your equipment from voltage spikes but should not affect the sound.


Some power bars have noise filters, try and buy one properly designed for use with audio equipment.  I like the PS Audio power bars, they remove a layer of background noise from some components.


Mr. CJ


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