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I don't see why Audeze would be upset. If anything, the mod gives the customer more options (I'm not taking a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to do the mods) and possibly widens the audience for the LCD3. I get the sense that it's few HF's who are more upset than anything else, i.e. "how dare you violate perfection!"


I don't see how this mod is any different from cables, other than that it's cheap and actually produces measurable results. Contrary to popular belief, I actually tried a few materials before settling on TP. It was the only material that didn't go overboard (I'm simply wanted to achieve something closer to the revision 2) on changes to the tonal balance.


I guess I may have "disturbed the force" because I happened to have used a material that's meant for wiping klingons from one's bunghole. It's interesting that the T50RP modders don't have an issue with the material used. As I've said earlier, maybe the a more appropriate way would have been for me to procure the finest silk and interleave a fine chain-mail mesh made of silver - and charge $495 for it.

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I'm in perfect agreement. Perfect cans don't exist and Audeze madde it actually so easy to open theirs than it seems almost done in purpose.


And, as you say, there is simply no too low down material to be taken seriously. Actually the cheaper and the commoner, the nobler the mod I think.


So... really... this is one of those rare nice things that you can take seriously with a smile :-)


Actually what I did went to the opposite direction of yours. I think my LCD2R2 is penalisign too much resolution and microdynamic for the sake of PRAT.

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post

... procure the finest silk and interleave a fine chain-mail mesh made of silver - and charge $495 for it.


Now you're talking, that's what we call "value added" wink.gif

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These cans need all the help they can get, and purrin should be applauded for unrolling the way.

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I totally agree with Purrin: had I not tried the TP mod, I might have returned the LCD-3 since I was struggling with not so good synergy with my setup and sub bass that drowned everything else. With just 1 sheet of 1 ply "Lotus" TP (to match the driver of course wink_face.gif), I immediately experienced what Purrin had described: more controlled sub bass, more upper mids, much better clarity and the impact of the drums went back.


I reported to Alex and Steve that I found the modded LCD-3 better and they didn't seem upset: just pleased that I found a way to appreciate my LCD-3 and let them know.


I think it's great that Audeze, with the design of their headphones, allows us to mod them to our liking.


As I rolled tubes in my Lyr, I rolled paper in my LCD-3. As a chemist, I use a very thin microporous paper to gently wipe things in the lab. The brand I used is French but I think the most famous brand name of this kind of paper in America is called Kimwipes. It's very likely Kimwipes would be equivalent to the paper I used. I used just 2 sheets of this paper and the change is just incredible: it's like another veil has been lifted, but without the small loss of soudstage I had expérienced with TP.

Now, the details I hear are just unbelievable, especially compared to what I struggled to hear just a week ago.

I would like very much to have Purrin opinion about this mod as I am a newbie. Can you access to Kimwipes or an equivalent? And If you like this mod, can you measure the changes?

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Originally Posted by Elysian View Post

These cans need all the help they can get, and purrin should be applauded for unrolling the way.

Exactly! I cannot thank Purrin enough for his contribution to "unlocking" the potential of these headphonesL3000.gif


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Just a couple years ago the only way to enjoy an orthodynamic was to modify the damping materials and often enclosure and pads as well.  You'd be flabergasted at the kind of pads many orthos came with- they were designed for cube shaped Lego heads I think.  Orthodynamics have become fairly mainstream in a pretty short amount of time thanks to Audeze and Hifiman.  It's a good thing of course, it's in many ways what all the ortho fanatics have dreamed of for decades. Though I think they imagined smaller price tags.  But that will come with time, as manufacturers figure out the technology and as the TOTL's age. 


It's a shame Hifiman doesn't make it so easy to open up their orthos. 

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Has anyone tried swapping out the felt for one of a different thickness. I know MorbidToaster did it on a pair of LCD-2's, but his motivations were not sound related. I may try using some speaker cloth I have lying around. I may also check out FrenchChemist's Kimwipes suggestions. I ordered a pair of LCD-3's but they have not shipped yet. I am hoping people find some new magic for me to try by the time they come in.

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Though very effective to improve details, the 2 sheets of Kimwipes mod might be too much as it significantly alter the balance of the LCD-3, making it brighter (not "creamy" confused_face.gif anymore). With just 1 sheet, I found that it still enhances overall clarity and details, but not at the expense of the lush mids, sub bass and soundstage.

Purrin, what would be the expected effect of reducing the diameter of the damping material, as you suggested we should try?

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From measurements - a smaller circle of Kimwipes will have a similar effect overall, but maintain low bass (<50Hz) better than a regular sized circle.


P.S. Thanks for the Kimwipes idea. It's a more robust material.

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what did you use to make the smaller circle, a protractor? Also how much smaller did you make it. I think I will have to order a box now for when my headphones arrive. I kind of wish it wasn't winter break so I could just take some from the hospital I work at for school. I guess I shouldn't complain about a $6 upgrade. Now I just ned to find $19 more worth of stuff so I can get free shipping from Amazon. 


I don't have the headphones here to measure, but I assume the 4.8 x 4.8 wipes are big enough.

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I find this thread unusually amusing. Upgrading, what is imo, an already heavily over priced, albeit brilliant piece of audio hardware with...well...one of the cheapest and most insignificant products known to man. The irony involved is quite hilarious, especially given the context of the mod materials in question.

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I find this thread frustrating. Not due to the mod, but the impression I get:


a) There seem to be 2 versions of the LCD3 (veiled vs. non-veiled)

b) The TP-mod: I'm not sure what version under litera a) fits the mod best - both? If both; I'm lost...


Already lost - and have dropped buying the LCD-3. Gonna enjøy my LCD-2s until LCD-4.


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If you like the LCD2, you're likely to enjoy the LCD3 even more.  If you had issues with the LCD2 due to its general presentation, the LCD3 won't fix those things.

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