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I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but I am an audio noob.  So right now I have an iMac 27" connected to my Mackie Hr824's, I also have the Sennheiser hd25's.  I was thinking of getting an ext DAC like the fiio E7+E9 combo to increase the sound quality of my music.


However, now I am looking to purchase a vintage turntable to play some of the LP's I have purchased.  I was wondering instead of the DAC could I perhaps just purchase a stereo receiver instead?  Or should I still get a DAC and run the iMac through the DAC to the receiver.  I know that the turntable would need to be hooked up to the receiver via a phono preamp if the receiver is relatively new.  So basically the question is now that I am looking to hookup the turntable to the Mackie's as well obviously I need a receiver right?  And so do I need the DAC for my iMac or can I just run the music via cable straight to the receiver?  And also I would appreciate any suggestions regarding if I should purchase a vintage receiver to go with the vintage turntable I plan on purchasing?  Also any suggestions on what type of receiver I should get?  My budget is <$200.


Sorry if this was long I would appreciate any help?  Thanks!