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I agree but it has to be said with decent powerful amplification the ETY's love all music. I can listen to eminem and hear the deep bass with the ETY's but it sounds awful without decent amplification, likewise Wagnerian opera's are incredible as long as the ETY's are amped well, they truly are a headphone for all seasons as long as the chain is good that feeds them. I think it fair to say think of them as full sized home headphones rather than portable ones, with that frame of mind you will 'get' them fully.



Interesting. I have a Little Dot II+ amp, which is for driving low impedance headphones. I've only ever tried the HF5 with a Clip+. On the Clip+, bass is just nice for me (enough quantity, not boomy at all), very flat-neutral sound across all ranges, very detailed, isolates very well but is less engaging for rock, imo. It'll be quite interesting to see how it fares with my laptop and LD2+ combo. I'm thinking they'll get a little hissy on quieter songs. Apparently there's a new TF10 :- the TF15. Supposedly better sound, but same crappy design. 


Anyhow, I'm missing out on this Black Friday sale and I'm putting buying off the Etys until Chinese New Year. At $100, they're so... hard to resist :0