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Wanted: WTB: Sansa Fuze

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This Classified is Closed

WTB: Sansa Fuze

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Any size is fine, I don't really care how small it is.
I would also prefer the Fuze to be Rockboxed, but normal firmware is still fine.

If the price listed is not okay with you, feel free to send an offer. I just want to get a new portable MP3 player as my clip just died on me, thanks to some friends.
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Wanted: $25 (USD)
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The 4GB Sansa Clips are only $39.99 this week at Best Buy.  They are being sold for $10.00 off of their regular price for that model.  It looks like all colors are on sale.

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Thank you for informing me, but I am not interested in buying another Clip, sorry. I'd just like to try something new out.
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