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New Oyaide HPC-UE IEM Cables! - Page 2

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This cable is so damn sexy! Does this fit Westone? How does this compares to a silver dragon cable in terms of quality? And how much does it cost? 

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I'm wondering if it would fit a jh13 pro. Where can I get this in the us. It's not showing up on head directs site.

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No. It does not fit westone or jh.

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Thats bad news.

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When will this be available? Has price been set?


I actually prefer an L shaped 3.5mm plug (more compact). I wonder if FiiO will consider it as an alternative.

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I'm interested in this too. Want some updates on price.

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Updated 1st post to reflect correct brand.

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ok it's 18th December now..


any updates?

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Yes I'd also like to know if there are any updates. I tried searching for it but all I got back were some Japanese articles..

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Sorry but this one is actually branded under Oyaide and currently available in Japan only. It was on sale from 15th Dec and the first batch was already sold out. 2nd batch will be available from 22nd Dec. Unless Fiio can negotiate with Oyaide to release this outside of Japan, else you have to have your own means to get them.

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Thanks for the update. That's too bad they're only available in Japan.. Do you know how much they are selling it for there? 

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I just did some search the price is around 6000yen-7000yen, you guys can do the currency conversion yourself. But i would really like to hear comment about this cable. :D

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Originally Posted by dannytang View Post

You can find it on eBay, the price is the about the same but you pay a premium for shipping!

Thanks for the link. That'd bring the total to about $115, don't know if that'll be worth it at that price. Waiting for impressions.


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I asked my friend to check for me as he's in Osaka right now.  He said it's 6000Y or ~$80.  But I don't know that it'll fit my reshelled TF10s which I currently have UE Custom cables attached.  Does anyone know if it'll fit?  


Also, $80 for this, or $75 for Chris_Himself cables?

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