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Etymotic HF5 Vs Klipsch Image S4

Poll Results: Etymotic Hf5 v Klipsch S4

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Before i start, yes i know etymotic cost a lot more and so are most probably better.


But what im wondering is which of these is best value of money?

I listen to Drum & Bass and Indy mainly with my favourite band being Enter Shikari, which is the comfiest, best sound quality and most attractive? And which of these two would suit my musical needs? Any other IEM's are welcome! And finally is it worth waiting for the Klipsch Reference if so?

Many thanks in advance.

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Well, it depends what kind of sound signature you're looking for, but overall the hf5 are a clear winner. The hf5 are more analytical than the S4, they are more detailed. The S4 has more bass, but I've been using them for awhile and theyre a little bit muddy.


Also, the hf5 are only 93$ at j&r. Just don't buy these if you're looking for bass heavy IEMs.

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I've tried and returned the Klipsch S4 - the sound was initially seductive but after a while grew tiresome with their lack of highs and muddy bass.  Then I tried the Sol Republic Amps and it was like listening through a blanket - although they had better highs than the Klipsch.  I own Etymotic ER-6i's and like them to a point, but they are uncomfortable in that you have to really insert them deep for a good seal.  I also feel that the music sounds thin and find myself continually re-adjusting them thinking that the lack of bass is due to a poor seal (when it's not).  My take on the HF5 is that they are similar to the ER-6i but with more detail. 


My most recent purchase was the Sony MDREX310LP and I really like them!  Bass is a little muddy but not overpowering, highs are clear and detailed and when Imelda May sings "Knock 1, 2, 3 on the door" they make you turn around and look for her singing in your ear.


Some others I've tried and dismissed were the Sennheiser 300-II which are just awful - regardless of what I've read, the Skullcandy Titans which are very colored and unenjoyable, and the Sony MDR-57 which were OK but not worth the $40 I paid.

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I have the S4i and the HF3 which are equal in sound with the only difference being the mic feature. I use the HF3 much more than the S4i.  If you really need lots of bass though then you might want to avoid Etymotics.  On the other hand, if you listen to the Etymotics for awhile then you might realize that a neutral sound is much better than lots of bass.  That was my experience.  Of course now I have some Hippo VB's that never get used.

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hf5 = good


s4 = meh at best


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