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For Sale: NEC Multispin CD ROM

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For Sale:
NEC Multispin CD ROM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

NEC CDR-401 3XPlus Multispin CD-ROM


This is a unit that was used mainly to listen to music CDs for about a year. Some minor scuffs on the top (that only show up with the camera flash actually).

It is well known and sought after, as the 3.5 mm audio jack has a very good amplifier that can drive high quality headphones (used Sennheiser HD-600's myself). It worked well, just some readability issues with some CDR, as was the case with early CD ROM readers from 1995!

It does not include the original AC power adapter, but instead I am including a compatible one that actually has higher current output (2.5 A). The connector was slightly modified to fit the back of the player.


$18 within Canada

$29 to USA


I've posted for auction on ebay, pics are there:


Starting bid $0.99, no reserve.


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Just a 2-day left bump..


these were highly desired by the way, the sound is really impressive for something so cheap and simple!


And... can you even buy made in Japan these days for less!?!?

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