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Playin with the A3D demos...

Everything works pretty well for left/right and distance approximation to the sides...

front/back and up/down... closed phones seem to beat open phones, but it depends on the volume. Grados do it just fine. But for that pinpoint accuracy, that dizzy feeling you get with your eyes closed and your aural "eye" following the sound panning all over the place... of all things, a cheapo $25 pair of AKG K55s sounds best. (and the bass slam of a rocket explosion beats most everything - and right off both SBLive & Au8830 with no amp!)
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I am a fairly hardcore gamer (play in clan matches, and probably spent more time playing coutnerstrike then studying last semester . . .) and own a pair of Grado SR-125's, and have demoed fairly several sony models, of which I own the MDR-V300 (yeah, I know it sucks), but it seems all sony MDR-Vx models position the same. Someone correct me if i'm wrong here.

The Grado's are absolutly amazing for music. There is also no doubt at all that it has a better soundstage then the V6, but when it comes to gaming we are talking about stereo imaging, which apparently is VERY different then soundstage.

The grado's just suck for positioning in 3D games. With my sony's, including the v6 which I don't own but have tested out /w A3D/EAX, the positioning is just amazing. How good? In counterstrike on Dust, I can pinpoint someone so exactly in the tunnel as a CT that I can bounce a gernade off the wall and hit a terrorist as they run out from the Terrorist opening. You just get a sense of presence.

With the grado's, fat chance. I know he's coming, and from which direction, but you seem to loose a sense of distance. That terrorist coming out of the tunnel and the terrorist about to jump past the boxes sounds almost identicle. If gaming is your priority, get the v6. If audio is, get the SR-80's.

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Originally posted by Chu
If gaming is your priority, get the v6. If audio is, get the SR-80's.
I second this recommendation. I own a pair of V6's and a pair of Grado SR-225's, and at first I thought the Grados would be better for gaming since I liked them for music more. However, after spending a good deal of time playing computer games with the V6, I think it's a much better gaming headphone. Having deep, good bass really adds a lot to games' sound effects, such as explosions, and the isolation it provides helps you to hear small details that you might miss if someone else is around while you're gaming (or you're near an air conditioner, etc.). I find the imaging very good for games like Counterstrike (although Chu sounds like the person to listen to for this), and I can also hear so many more details in Diablo II now (which has some fantastic music and sound effects) that really make you appreciate the game a lot more. In short, I'm becoming addicted to gaming with the V6's.

Oh, and remember that you can replace the pads on the V6 with the velour ones from the Beyer DT-250. I only mention this because it makes a huge difference in comfort, of which I was a bit skeptical at first.
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So, the V6 is good....

Okay, we know that the V6 is good for gaming. That still leaves a few questions open....

How good is the Sennheiser HD495?

How good is the Denon AHD-750?

How good is the Denon AHD-950?
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How good is the Denon AHD-750?
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