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Grado SR80 or Sony V6

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which of the two represent a better value for sound quality:grado SR80 or sonyV6.I'll be using them for gaming and listening to music only.
don't care if there closed or open.Just wanna know which has better bass,mids,treble,soundstage etc..
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From i've heard, their are very headphones, IN ANY PRICE RANGE, that can extend as low as the V6s....
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The Grados sound better overall than the Sony by far.

The Sony are good if you need a pair of closed headphones for under $100 w/ good bass. There is no other real option in this range.

But, if you don't care if they are close, then get the Grados SR-80's.
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While the V6s may technically be a more accurate headphone, to my ears, they don't sound as open or as realistic as the SR-80s. The V6s have a very dry "in the head" sound, most likely due to their closed design. They do, however, pump out some impressive bass.
For my money, the SR-80s are the way to go, particularly if you like vocals........the mids are excellent. Hope this helps.
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If you like gaming, I would suggest the V6, as, while the SR-80 may make it have a greater "you are there" feeling in the gameworld, I believe the V6 is more accurate in positioning sounds using A3D...you want to know where that guy is shooting at you from in counterstrike, don't you?

But, if you want a gaming and listening to music headphone that's pleasing to the ears, I would suggest a high end Denon headphone, or the Sennheiser HD495. What is your soundcard?
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Narrow soundstage != you are there

Methinks, with the poor soundstaging, and poor performance at things like Qsound, any virtualization mechanisms, such as A3D, would be very much lost with the V6's.. They're good for games that don't require 3d sound, though, or at least those that don't demand good 3d sound performance.

Wasn't there someone who was writing how his counterstrike game went to the crapper after he switched from Senns (big soundstage) to Grado's (narrower soundstage)?

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Well, there's a slight difference between soundstage and stereo imaging....

Ideally, for games, stereo imaging is more important than soundstage, and that is something that Grado's, while they have a wide soundstage, don't have great stereo imaging, for something as precise as games. Supposedly, closed headphones have better stereo imaging than Grado's, but, I would guess that Sennheisers would be great with both, but I don't know. Has anyone tested this for sure?
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Why do people keep recommending Grado's for soundcards? These are audiophile quality headphopnes intended for good sources. They're way too revealing for use on pc's.

The V6's image quite vague actually, but plenty good enough for games.
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I think most people like the Grado's sound quality better, but I think the V6's are better for durability, comfort and they might be better if you like lots of bass. I haven't heard either though, I'm just going by what I've read.
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Well, what *does* image well with games? We are talking about A3D here, for first person shooters, where knowing where people are is NECESSARY and UTILITARIAN. Supposedly, someone had tried the Sony MDR-V300's, and found their imaging superior to the Grado SR-80's. Now, what headphones have good A3D imaging for, sayyyyy, counterstrike? You know, to keep your frags up?
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man, it's so strange. all my friends are hooked on counterstrike. I never liked ultra-violent games....didn't like what they brought out in me. So what am i hooked on? "Hi-fi audio, especially concerning high-end headphones." You can just imagine my conversations at lunch.....

OK, i'm exagerrating - i'm actually very outgoing, tho i don't have much in common with my friends when it comes to recreation.
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so would a denonAHD750 be an in between choice?would it have the musicality of grado combined with the good bass of the V6?
i know there's no simple answer,but any help would be apreciated.
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I left my V6/7506 at work yesterday, and stayed home sick today, but tomorrow night I'll do a direct "gaming" comparison between the SR60s and V6/7506.
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Most of my gaming is console driven (PS2 and Dreamcast). I use my Beyer DT 250-80 for late night gaming plugged into my Klipsch Pro Media's headphone out. The sound is great (explosions are fantastic nice deep bass, they are so comfortable, and they have great isolation. I played a lot of Quake3 and Unreal Tournament (You SUCK!) on the Dreamcast. The railgun sounds fantastic. There is a nice channel separation when weapons are fired and travel L to R or vice versa. You can hear and determine where footsteps and other ambient noises are coming from.

I've tried the DT 250-80 through the outs of my Dell - Harman Kardon computer speakers while playing Deus Ex and Half Life. The 250-80 sound darker due to the lower power output of the HKs headphone out.

Regards - reynman
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Yes but what about the denon's,are they better than the Sony for overall sound quality?
OBS.i know denon doesn't block noise as good as the v6.
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