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Originally Posted by livewire View Post

I'd be uber interested if this yet-to-be released pair of Sennheiser headphones were electrostatic.

I wonder what they'd call it ? rolleyes.gif

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As the developer of an audiophile music player, I believe I'm in a very good position to put any new products through their paces. The only Sennheiser product I've owned are a pair of HD555s, which I've modded in various ways to extract further sound quality; I'd love to hear what Sennheiser are truly capable of.


I have access to some higher-end headphones as well as speaker systems to compare any product against. I'm generally quite picky about audio products and would love to have the opportunity to contribute in my small way to the creation of another of your great products.

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I started with a HD414, went to the HD430, HD250 Linear, HD540, HD560 Ovation II.

Then came the HD600 and a Lucas surround sound unit. Then a second HD600.

After that came the HD650. HD280, HD380, HD600 with cocobolo wood surrounds,

I even owned a HDA200.

Then there was the HD25-1 II and CX300.

There are also the HD800 and 2 off HE60's.


I would love to preview a new Sennheiser headphone...


I still own most of these, others I gave away to relatives.


I still have a 25th Anniversary HD414 that I use occasionally.

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I have tried a few good headphones, but I have yet to try Sennheiser. I can't really afford any Sennheiser products, but I would love to take this opportunity to try them out.

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I have been a budding audiophile for some years now on a desperate search for the "best music experience for me, needless to say 4 out of the last 6 pair of headphones iI have purchased have been from Sennheiser. I would call them "my company" that I plan to stick with during the high ends and the lows. I think I deserve this opportunity not only to get a feel for the "higher end" spectrum of music, but also to give people on this website the perspective of an everyday user not an audiophilac expert.

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 I'm 14. A pair of Sennheiser hd280s got me into hi-fi audio, my first delve into *amazing* sound. But as you can see, being 14, it takes about 15 months to save up for a new pair of headphone. I hardly ever get to try something new, and this would be such an experience, especially considering I owe all of my time in this pursuit of fidelity to a pair of your headphones :)

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You know me - I'm a Senn groupie.  Been to the CT office multiple times.  I didn’t just walk down the hall with the timeline on the wall, marveling at your technical achievements, I took notes.  Stared at the Emmy and Grammy in the display case (hey, they’re only replicas, aren’t they?).  Own PX-100, Orpheus #0241, and everything in between. 


Audition a new Senn product? Sure I want to!  Every member here promises to listen with their ears.  I promise to listen with my heart.

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Both the HD 6xx and the HD 800 lines have been great engineering achievements, not to mention that they both sound great in very different ways. I would be very interested in listening to another Sennheiser product.

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I have been into high end audio now for about 3 years, and about a year ago I got my first real set of headphones, Sennheiser's own HD555.  I absolutely love these phones.  I would jump at the chance to own either of Sennheiser's legendary HD6xx lines or the flagship HD 800.  I listen to music for 4-5 hours a day and have a lot of experience describing the subtle nuances of hi-fi sound.  Thanks for your consideration!

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Sennheiser phones initiated me into audio years ago but I was too young to buy them. Years passed and I began loosing faith in ever recapturing that experience. Coming back to audio, I skeptically dismissed the HD800 until I heard their potential unleashed. This persuaded me to build around them as the heart of a system. They still hold my top spot for balancing technical performance and musical enjoyment over other alternative technologies. The evolution of the HD558/598 sealed my conversion back into the Sennheiser fold. If Sennheiser can keep the ball rolling, I'm in!  

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I love headphones. My thirst for trying out new gear and getting to know a new sonic signature is second to none.  Even though I’ve gone through so many flagships, like Sennheiser’s own IE8, HD650 and HD800, I never tire of playing with new gear, even entry-level ones. They all have something to offer and I live for that moment of discovery when I see what makes a model truly unique. I look forward to hearing what makes this Sennheiser special. I want to be the first to tell the world how good these Sennheisers are.




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My introduction to better sound quality was through the Sennheiser CX-300 II. I love the Sennheiser house sound and have not heard many of your higher end headphones. I'd be honored to be selected as a participant as I truly have a passion for music and would definitely write a detailed review. I'd devote a substantial amount of time to listen and compare them with my gear. I believe I am a good candidate because I am a younger college student, play multiple musical instruments and enjoy listening to a wide range of music. 

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I got to try a lot of headphones and very few provide the balance that the Sennheiser HD600 presented. I really enjoyed the HD800, however the price point is still out of my reach. I've been itching to do the upgrade so many times, but still haven't made that move yet. I would definitely be really interested in trying the new Sennheiser to find an excuse to finally upgrade

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My first "real" headphone was a HD-650. I loved it so much that I poked around the Internet to see if anyone else loved good headphones. That was six years ago and look what happened.

Sennheiser also put something of a stop to my headphone collection. The HD-800 exceeded my expectations and still does. I've listened to it almost exclusively for two years. I wonder if even Sennheiser itself could improve on it.

Finally, in all these years here and all those posts, I've never written a formal headphone review.

Give me the opportunity to hear your new headphones and I'll write a lengthy review with comparisons to five or six other relevant headphones from my collection.

P.S. - Thank you for giving Head-Fi a chance to preview your new headphones. We're probably a small percentage of your global sales, so this means a lot to us.
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