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Want to be one of the elite few to have listen on a yet-to-be released pair of Sennheiser headphones before anyone else?  


Sennheiser is extending an exclusive offer to a handful of lucky Head-Fi members.   Reply to this thread with no more than 100 words explaining why you deserve to be part of this opportunity before midnight PST on November 25th, 2011.    Representatives from Sennheiser will consider your responses when making their final selection of members chosen to participate in a private preview of this product for two weeks in December.


Are your ears excited yet?   To learn more about Sennheiser, visit: SennheiserUSA.com, Sennheiser on Facebook, Sennheiser on YouTube

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I have never had the opportunity to own a pair of Sennheiser headphones but I would love to chosen for this. I have owned a lot of high-end headphones that could be compared to your new product. I think I would be a good candidate. Thanks in advance 

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I love headphones, so I would be honored to try a new, promising product from Sennheiser, one of the foremost innovators in the field. I've listened to many different headphones, so I'm definitely curious to see how this upcoming headphone stacks up, and hopefully provide my input as well. Thanks.

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As a mastering engineer, audio restoration specialist and long time head-fi member, I would love to be considered as a potential listener. Why should I be considered? In general, I just love to listen to new products and like to write reviews for the products I enjoy and like. biggrin.gif

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I love my HD800s and appreciate the HD600s and HD558s. I am always surprised at the level of engineering put into Sennheiser products. I'm betting your engineers must use laser beams or something to develop your products. More seriously, since Sennheiser is a worldwide company, I could provide my own opinions of what most North Americans would consider good tonal balance. If desired, I can clearly articulate my personal preferences and indicate areas of strength or concern for any product to be evaluated. Finally if an NDA will be required, I know how to keep my mouth shut. Thanks for your consideration.

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My father sparked my interest in this hobby by giving me a pair of HD414s as a youngster.  I entered the world of head-fi purchasing a pair of HD600s, proceeded to be blown away by my HD800s years later, and finally reached ultimate bliss by acquiring HE90s.  Still, even the HD201 is a staple in my collection.  Sennheiser has always been the cornerstone of my headphone experience, and hearing their newest gear is always a pleasure.  This opportunity would also be a welcome treat before I get swamped during tax season, aka 4 months with minimal listening time. 

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This sounds awesome. Are the participants allowed to publish impressions of the headphone ? If they do, I'll be waiting popcorn.gif

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I'm a good choice because I am truly honest with my reviews and enjoy writing them. I have a love for both music and the equipment that reproduces it and I have some review experiences with other equipment, and can be trusted, just look at my profile and you'll see that I've always taken care of loaner units. I have a decent amp (Burson 160) and DAC (Music Streamer II+) to test them out on and would let the world know how I feel about them.

Thank you for offering Head-Fi members this chance!
Best of luck all!

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I'd love to. I've been listening to Sennheiser's for years (currently only a pair of 555's, but I've had 600's and 650's in the past, as well as lower models like the 212's). I'd be willing to write a pretty extensive review of the product if chosen, and I'd be able to compare the headphones against a wide range of phones from various price classes, and with a wide variety of music. 


Thanks for the opportunity.

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I currently own the Sennheiser HD 25 1 II and i find them amazing. I would love to hear new Sennheiser products and make comparisons between the many different headphones I have tried.


Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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I had personal experience with 100+ headphones, wrote well structured reviews (see sig), modded several headphones for better SQ and participated in some prototyping stages. I know what makes a good sound and understand various points of view. I also have 17 years marketing/retail experience running electronics stores in Russia. Stores are selling wide range of headphones and authorized by major brands, incl. Sennheiser. So I may be of use in marketing fields also.

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I'm a Sennheiser guy.  I started with the PX-100, and now use a HE-60.  I've tried a some other brands along the way, but the fit, the quality, and the sound of Sennheiser always drew me back.  Thumbs up indeed.  I can provide useful feedback; I have a good deal of experience in this hobby.  Plus, I'm in San Francisco, so if I try to make off with it, you guys should be able to apprehend me pretty easily...  Just don't tase me.  Thanks for opportunity.

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I love the HD650. It just ticks all the right boxes in my opinion. The level of engagement in the music it facilitates has not ceased to amaze, even with familiarity and extended use. It's something I try to convey to others, ad nauseam and with vigor. The evolution of the approach taken with the HD650 is unassailably perched on top of my wishlist. I'd love to find out (early) if the wizards at Sennheiser have made this a reality.

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I'd be uber interested if this yet-to-be released pair of Sennheiser headphones were electrostatic.

Wazzup Senn dudes & dudettes? Got nothing on the table since the demise of the HE-90.

Sad state of affairs, that.

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I love my HD580's and listen to them daily. I very much like the Sennheiser house sound, and I would love to hear any brand-new product that they offer. I'm a college student, so I probably won't be able to afford a pair otherwise wink.gif You can expect a detailed review if I am selected.


Thanks for your consideration. smily_headphones1.gif

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