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I just received the IE80 yesterday, and thinking after the full blown review, get a upgrade cable for it.


I came across eBay and found these 3, anyone had any experience with them?


JENA LABS Cryo Cable TF10 SE535 IE8 HD650 HD600 K702


Upgrade cable "Sonic" UE TF10 TF10pro Shure SE535 SE425...


Upgrade cable (for Sennheiser IE8) Baldur


Which cable are better?


What plug should I get it in? They offer 

Neutrik Straight Gold plated (Default) , Neutrik Silver right angle, Neutrik Gold right angle, Viablue, Yarbo,
I had a Yarbo plug before and it's not that great, never had Neutrik,

Whats the difference between Silver and Gold Right Angle?


Viablue vs Neutrik?


Under $200 is my price limit, any more suggestion?