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Looking to upgrade my headphones

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Hi guys, I was just looking for some suggestions on the new set of cans.  I'm currently running a cowon X7 and I'm looking to upgrade from my skull crushers.  My musical taste tends to be eclectic, let's say.  It ranges from Steve Via, Orianthi, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden, to KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Sister Machine Gun, To Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Bauhaus, and Sisters of Mercy, as well as recently, some of the symphonic metal bands like Within Temptation, Delain, and Night Wish.  I'm thinking I probably want something that's really going to the guitars and midrange stuff shine without sacrificing the the base (Steve Harris is just too damn good to be buried in the background).  I'm looking to stay in $100-$120 dollar price range.  Would prefer around ear headphones, but I'm not ruling out on ear models if someone can recommend a comfortable pair.  As I'm new to this higher end music experience I'm not running amp just yet, maybe after I do all my other Christmas shopping  I'll look at picking one up.

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Are you opposed to open-air headphones? They leak sound and do not isolate you from outside noise, but offer superior sound quality for the price. 

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I guess that would depend on how much leakage were talking, and if were talking in leak as well as out leak.  As I will be using these outdoors often (taking the dog for a walk, going on airplanes, in the car with family, etc.).  The Skull Crushers I'm currently using aren't exactly noise canceling either, so a minor degree of the leakage would be acceptable.

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Shure SRH440


Very best,

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open-air headphone is major leakage. So basically they leaks like ipod headphones. u can listen to what others are listening to if u sit beside them

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I'm going to suggest not going for high Ohm headphones, stay under 70-Ohms?.

On the Cowon website, in the specs, they refer to "30W + 30W 16-Ohm" for audio output.


Sennheiser HD-558s 50-Ohm, open headphones with a nice sound,

CALs (Creative Aurvana Live), 32-Ohms, closed, cups barely fit around ears.


Save a few dollars

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S, semi-open, 56-Ohms, with Beyer EDT 200 velour ear pads.

Samson SR850 semi-open 32-Ohms



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I guess I'm probably looking for closed phones than.  I don't want the poor person next to me having a heart attack when some of my more aggressive tracks come up.

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