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For Sale:
Sold: Denon D7000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale are my near mint condition Dennon D7000's.  These are a great set of cans, but they have not been getting any head time as I mainly listen to my HD800's, and have now purchased a pair of LCD-2's.


I bought these from Headroom on 12/13/09.  They have about 125 hours on them.  100 of these hours were spent hooked up to an amp and source burning in. They are in near perfect condition 9.0/10.  The only reason I will not give them a 9.5 or 10/10 is that they have been used and there is a less than 1mm chip in the silver paint on the headband.  If they were not in my head, they were sealed up in a cabinet.


I have the original reciept, paperwork, box, etc.  I prefer to ship in the US, and will show preference to US buyers first, but I am open to buyer outside of the US.  I am asking for $old shipped with inurance in the US.  Payment through paypal, I'll eat any fees.  My feedback is listed here:

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