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Hey OP, have you given us your budget yet?  How much are you looking to spend?  I think I asked a couple pages back but don't recall seeing a figure.

about 70-80, that seems to be an appropriate bang-for-buck lines for budget persons such as myself.


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I haven't heard them, but I have heard that the Shure SRH840s are a very good headphone for a lot a different genres of music and are pretty balanced, so that might be an option. They're available on Amazon for about the same price as the AE2's, and I think you can demo them at some music and/or electronics stores. However, you probably want to go ask around a bit more about them first.

I'll definitely check them out.




Thanks guys! Can't tell you how much I appreciate the advice. I'll choose soon and let you know!


Also looking at the RE0, M2 (mentioned above!) and Ne-700M (someone said the other two would probably do better tho), also adding those Shures