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Yup, bigbargainsonline. Shipping was only about a week to the UK.

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Thats great,  if you get a bit of time can you test the battery length from full charge as well?  very hard to find much info on the player.

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Will do. I've heard "9-10 hours" and "less than 10 hours" but I'll check it out.

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Originally Posted by nickosiris View Post

Got hold of a C3 today. Sounds great. I have had a ridiculous number of music players over the years and I think I'm going to prefer it to anything I've heard except for the HifiMan players and the M6SL. So that's better than anything that I've heard by Cowon, HiSoundAudio, Teclast or iRiver. Just my opinion of course, but what else can I say?


If I can level any criticism at it I would say that it's not exactly overly bassy, but I can live with that - particularly if I listen to it with the decidedly bass-heavy Radius DDM. Also It has failed to play a couple of songs, throwing up a 'file error' message. Only a couple mind, and I may yet discover why - you know how some players are ultra-fussy about tagging.


Build quality is top drawer and whilst the interface is not the most intuitive you get used to it pretty quickly. Got it super-cheap on eBay from Hong Kong too, and got the fancy Colorfly box, mains charger and PAA-1 earbuds in the package. If nothing else I'd call it a bargain.

So are you comparing it to the Studio V and Rocoo BA? Looks interesting but I'm a bit skeptical still.

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And a quick update on the problem I had playing a couple of files: Turned out to be  a dodgy memory card. I've reformatted it and tried again, and all went well. Wasn't the player's fault at all.

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In for a penny in for a pound i guess :D


Ordered the C3 and CK4 will do a review a few days after getting it next week comparisons with cube c30, s:flo, ipod video and clip zip.


Most likely will use either the TF10, PFE and yamaha as test phones. 

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How are the controls compared to the also chinese Teclast ( the same as s:flo). That's my greatets Problem with my Teclast T51. I'm thinking about using the C3 with my new Shure SRH840.
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HIFI DAP with a good sound,convenient price,steel housing. everything comes so true

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Originally Posted by Nathanael View Post

How are the controls compared to the also chinese Teclast ( the same as s:flo). That's my greatets Problem with my Teclast T51. I'm thinking about using the C3 with my new Shure SRH840.

The UI is undeniably quirky and different, but not infuriating like the T51. It works. The buttons are weirdly laid out and it's tough to operate in total darkness. The display is even smaller than a gumstick or Hisound style player so scrolling through long lists would be a bit of a chore, but it's consistent and predictable. I like players where you can change the volume without getting it out of your pocket and unlocking the controls - and this one very much does not provide that facility. Having said all that, it's easy to live with, and I haven't felt like launching it out of the window like I did with the T51.

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So this little guy arrived this morning.  Purchased from big bargains online and arriving in 5/6 days to UK from China - Bravo Sir! Bravo!beerchug.gif


Packaging was immaculate, very neatly packed and protected, in the main box was a thick well made felt carry case, a pair of Hisound Paa-1 earbuds (ill be selling these unused £10 shipped UK), a small wall adaptor for EU or China (not sure) USB cable and finally the box for the c3 itself which is very classy, well designed and a streak above mainstream players and other generic Chinese brands who seem intent to plaster all sorts of crap on their packages.  Simple, sturdy, classy.


So i open the lid, and i don't know why i was expecting it to be roughly the size of an ipod with double said thickness (no i didn't check the dimensions) this thing was tiny.  It is about double (+ a few mm) the size of a clip zip, Pulling it our of the box and you realise this thing has got some heft to it, seriously it is heavy for its size, saying that though it in no means makes it too heavy, more, reassuringly heavy feeling.  As Boris says 'heavy is good, if it does not work you can hit him with it!".  It is incredibly sturdy, clean looking and matches almost perfect with my macbook air and pro.


I turned it on to have a quick play before charging.  Ill go into depth with a review next week but for now, interface is simple easy to use with no unregistered touches or quirks as yet, capacitive inputs are very responsive, screen is small but can go very bright, Eq's are junk as with most players, sound is very nice but only listened to a couple of tracks in less than optimum conditions.


Finally i got a 32gb micro sd from play.com class 4 working fine no problem.





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We need to know more about the sound Stozzer! biggrin.gif
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Price: retails 500RMB for 4gig or 600RMB for 8gig in China from a reputable audio dealership (from local expertise by my uncle, who's a bit of an audiophile). Approximates to $75 and $95 AUD respectively. Therefore  a 100 Euro price from China shouldn't be fake. But China being China, even the premium priced products can be fake, so take care.

UI: It's annoying to use. Buttons are responsive if you press them normally and keep contact for 1 second or more. Tapping not so great. In addition, to lock the device, you need to "swipe" through the middle three buttons much like on a phone, but then the successful hit rate for all three buttons is somewhat like 33% for me. Maybe with more practice...?
(Tip: making folders as makeshift "playlists" and changing them manually means you don't need to scroll so much)

Sound Quality: To be honest, I compared it to my iPod touch 4th gen, and I didn't notice a big difference in mp3's. But since I don't even know what sibilance is, maybe wait for someone else to fill you in on that =P

No discernible loss of sound quality between playing from MicroSD or internal memory. So just buy the 4gig one. The extra 4 gig of internal memory for 100RMB can buy you a 16gig MicroSD card and still give you change for a Milk Tea and some dumplings (well, maybe only in China...=S)

But plays Flac =] (all I really wanted from this thing really). Does not support APE though.


Does not have automatic standby (think only the screen doesn't display). Drains lots of battery in this mode, so best turn it off. So far gives about 5-7 hours of continuous listening.

Last time, if you want to prevent scratches, a screen protector for the top screen on a DS lite fits over this perfectly. Found out by pure chance. Maybe that's why my screen isn't as responsive...

Lastly, it has a horrible habit of switching between displaying the details of a song from the start and scrolling to the right, and doing the opposite from the back. I have no idea how to control this, and the manual doesn't say either...if anyone figures it out, let me know please!

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Love your impressions Pineapplecake. Made me laugh a couple times =]

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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

We need to know more about the sound Stozzer! biggrin.gif

posted some intitials in the pics thread.  More detailed in a few days, def deserves a full review with pics and vids etc.  Im very impressed so far but i did just get the ck4 at the same time and gave it to my sis after an hour or 2.

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Review is up for those that wanted it.

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