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screwy computer somehow grabbed my post as well and requoted....pardon me.

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Meant to comment on this post!.....oooppppsss!     Sorry!

 There's an edit function. :wink_face: 


As for hearing loss, that shouldn't effect the actual physical feeling of bass considering that even a deaf person can feel it.  And like I said, audibly it doesn't seem to sound different, just the feeling of "bass rumble" or whatever is located differently on both sides of my head.

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 Originally Posted by jgwtriode View Post

I heard every single ear bud I tried shift the sound stage to my left for about a month and half.  I tried shims to try to very the depth of insertion to compensate...did slightly but not enough.  Used to drive me nuts and then after not listening for a week it simply went away.  I was doing ear drop and cotton tips and all kinds of things.  My right ear does build up a bit more  wax than my left.


But nothing helped and I was freaking out.  Initially I thought it was screwed up doping of one driver vs another on when I first heard it.  Was testing a pair of my tweaked 9927's that were done

for my son.  But it did the same on eveything i tried.  What was weird is I would hold the earbuds equidistant about a foot in front of me and they sounded equally loud on both sides with the

vocals dead centered.  Very weird.    I have lost the upper few k of my hearing.  At 23 i could hear clearly out to 20k.  I might be lucky to get 13 or 14k now.   No biggie.


So yeah ear problems suck, really suck.  


You could go see an audiologist and have him check for you!


Good Luck and,


Happy Listening,



hmm, I have this problem with the balance sometimes when I had some fever and runny nose, I suspect it happen when inner ear have different pressure temporarily when I got sick. and maybe not just caused by runny nose many other condition possibly can shift your ear balance temporarily.

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I have a new theory regarding the different-feeling bass in my right ear. It would seem that my right ear canal is larger than my left ear canal. I had thought this to be the case, but it's more than that - the optimal "seal point" in my right ear is also at a deeper point than it is in my left ear.

It turns out I have to use a large-ish medium sized tip in my right ear while using a smallish medium-sized tip in the left ear. However, one of the key things is that both tips must have a circumference that is relatively consistent for the length of the tip - a lot of tips have decently larger bases than ends, and that seems to prevent me from making the tip be comfortable for larger tips or not get a good enough seal with smaller tips.

One thing in particular is that getting a good seal has to happen at a bit deeper point in my right ear canal than my left. This combined with my inability to use tapering tips meant that most of the tips in the LostEarBuds sample pack that were at a comfortable size were actually too small at that deeper point inside my right ear, but the tips that were large enough for that deeper point were too large for the outer ear canal.

So for my right ear I'm using a medium-sized single flange tip that came with my sister's Xperia Pro. Turns out that the stem on the Xperia Pro tips extends something like 2mm farther out than the LostEarBuds medium-sized double flange tips, which are what I'm currently using in my left ear. Unfortunately thought the actual material used for the Xperia Pro tips isn't quite as smooth or soft and therefore isn't as comfortable...

tl;dr - Both ears needed more cylindrical tips, but the right ear also needed a tip with a longer stem.

(for reference triple flanges go way too deep and are too conical while foam is flat-out uncomfortable, heck I can't even sleep with earplugs for the same reason)
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