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The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club.. - Page 216

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My only issue with the 8320 is that Monoprice calls them "Enhanced Bass", instead they should be called "Neutral and Clear".



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right ! but at least their advertising is consistent with all other advertising........in that it is false.

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I suppose that "enhanced" should be evaluated in context - and I'm pretty sure that the bass on the 8320's is indeed pretty thoroughly enhanced compared to anything you can get for anything near this price.

OTOH, there's no question that these are basically neutral 'phones, if I'm understanding the jargon correctly.

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good point don, in that price range they are in fact very enhanced bass, but to hifi'ers and for higher priced iem's, not so much. And I agree while the overall sound is fairly neutral, I hear a fair amount of nice color throughout especially in the mids. It's a tasteful amount/kind though and not over the top.....I would like to see some measurements on these though to 'see' for sure what's going on. I would predict a fairly early bass rolloff, a gentle arc throughout the mids and moderate top end. these are midrange iem's and the detail and focus is mostly there imo.

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its all in how you define it... I see it more as QUALITY than quantity.. http://i.word.com/idictionary/enhance

and maybe whatever testing equipment they used it did have good bass ,, i know I am extremely happy with my modded ones...
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I ordered mine today...can not wait for them to come in.  I finished paying 10.77 shipped. Any suggestions for the EQ settings on android? I own a Galaxy s2 and power amp. thanks

buy comply Tips.. PLEASE or any tip you can find,  they NEED a proper tip and that proper tip depends on every individual, i am almost 100% those stock tips will not give you the full sound of these 8320


This is my first post, but I have been lurking for awhile... 


So bought a pair of the 8320's and was like..."These Suck!"  They had very anemic bass response and the sibilance was unbearable.  I basically wrote them off.  Then a week or two later, I figured I should give them another chance...I just couldn't imagine all of you guys on here were THAT crazy...or Deaf!  LOL!  This time, I bought some Comply Tx-400 tips and when they arrived...put them on...pressed play...and...Boom!  They were transformed!  The bass response was as great as everyone has reported and the sibilance completely went away.  I am definitely a fan!

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To those who want are not satisfied with the bass on these, tape up the port holes. Makes a huge difference. Soundstage does narrow though. You can adjust by poking holes with a pin which should give you a good balance of the two. Credit goes to the earlier posters in this thread for this mod. I listen to these 8320s more than any other phone I have. I just love them.

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Thanks for that reminder... giving it a whirl and it sounds great. Stupid good iem's for the price!
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So far my preference is to use them with the e11 and eq2 setting. Adds a bit of thickness and bass impact, and sounds great. Also using auvio tips.
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Agreed. If you guys haven't tried using a small amp. These having big 14.2 mm driver take to amping like a champ and asks some more. Try it out, it truly brings these earphones to a whole new level.

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I tried out some Triple-flange tips on the 9927's i picked up about a week back. Definite improvement on the sound. Decided that they were too long so I cut them down to a Double-flange and retained the sound improvements, but the comfort just isn't up to the level that I'm looking for.


I'm going to pick up a pair of Comply 400 but after looking at the different models and their differences, I can't really find any reason to not just pick the the 's' model (sports). I mean how much less isolation or more comfort could they really offer to be worth the extra money. I can pass on the tx model because I don't care about the earwax guard.


Has anyone tried the sports model? If so, what are your thoughts? 


Also, I find that the small tips that come with most IEMs tend to fit my ear canals best, how close is the foam size in comparison?

I usually find medium tips to but just at the cusp of too large for comfort.

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here is something that I used years ago to demo my car audio system ,eventhough it was set up for soind quality my car was very capable,,, the lowest not in the bass region is 5hz up to 100hz.. im doing some test now to see when my earphones play the stomping.. and how well it plaus the burp.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhEfgrbMFxI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

my 9396 was able to pick up a tremor at aroind 14 seconds while the 8320 was able to pick it up at around 20 seconds a huge difference
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Sorry to all.  Didn't read all the post but are the Comply Tx-400 the most recommended tips?

Seems odd to pay more for tips than earphones (IEM).



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I do not recall the source of the quote but it goes something like this...


"I wear $5 shoes with a $10 shoe shine"


.. and I bet there are other versions of the same metaphor.

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I just received 2 pair of the black 9927's and am currently listening to some lossless Midnight Oil (Capricornia) and I'm not sure what I think - these have some interesting details - there is some congestion - but there are also some very nice details. And there is a soundstage - somewhat unexpected for $6 - which I paid for each of two pairs - I mean, they are so cheap - how could I only buy one?


So should I burn them in? I think I like these - very interesting cans.... I can say they are better than $6 worth.

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